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Talent doesn’t like cages


This is what i think as ,

Talent doesn’t like cages , they must have purposes and thats the thing which guides for the action oriented approaches. let it be more creative and more productive enough, which could help you to find the meaning of your necessities.

Year ago, i was writing some codes for my employer’s product, i was used to with such preliminary check list, my all side of focus was just to implement as it is given by them, i didn’t even think about more towards the creativity, more effectual process. and after on some points, my lead called me and asked a very small thing, i didn’t have an answer to say it, because i have followed checklist that was only guiding me towards the solution, not in between if the problem comes, how should i react, My creativity was null, and the productivty was excellent, that i have known , its not some certain boundries which guides you to rise, more often its about outside the box, where you can use more then you imagine.