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Two opinion


Would you mind to follow, What other says to you ? OR you have your own way to go?

Above 2 question have one thing common, that is your decision to take, You actually need to decide whether to follow your own opinion or someone else? Moreover it could reciprocate you,  it could suggest you the path which leads on right side, But what if you decide in your own perception. that matters Below story is somewhat the same like that :

A man who started his path by following up the path on what his father said, he became younger, he got to know much new insight , he left his home and started his further study in different town, he became graduate, got a decent job but still he follow the path and discuss with his father in brief what he actually do or think. But one thing he missed during his communication by his father, its more into basic talk compare to past brief talk, now his father thinks my son is independent and can take his own decision.

One day he became expert in his industry, his profession has given him more priority than before, he became quite busy, no closely he was missing his father to interact with, As his father thought my son is well verse,

One day he met a girl and they became friend, and their friendship moved to relationship and then he decided, she is the best one for her, she complete him, and finally he thought to approach his family, And decided to call his father, Moreover his father is having social value in their community but since the time is changed , community is there just to tell you this and that. Still he thinks, if he wanted to marry a girl, he shall consult his father.so he did.

His father wanted him to get marry by his own choice, but he wanted to marry a girl to whom he knows better. Two opinions but who knows better than each one. So he convinced parents and parents agreed to marry him with a girl to whom he liked. So till now the story is happy side,


As time goes on, He got busy in his profession and in his newly married life. But soon he missed to have daily talk with his family. But still he miss those cherishing moment with his family. but his parent thought he is changed. But he thinks he is same like he was before. Whenever he gets free, he contact them, but his family have different opinion ,

We often get diverse in our opinion but you can not forget to those who are for you ever, specially your father and mother. They assure you first in your trouble then somebody else. More you talk with them, more they like you close to them !


What if you have some seconds to live?


There must be plenty of question to ask it self but on what time you will ask them all ? its human miniature to always on the safe side, You wish to change something in your life , but you can’t.

Who is really stopping you?

Have you counted your each heart pulses?

Have you ever lived your life as you have always thought so?

Have you ever noted down your each moments ?

Have you ever realized your last breath?

Have you ever praised to someone for his/her remarkable work?

Have you felt the deeds of your work?

Have you ever hug to someone who is so special for you?

How many hearts you have touched till now?

How many life you have saved till now?

Have you ever tasted the food which is tasteless?

Have you always saw which is beyond the human mind?

Have you ever  ever passed the smile on someone’s face?

Did you find any reason to create a new era?

When did you last time meet to your sweetest pal?

Did you smell the beauty of nature?

When did you last time go for the mountain trip?

Have you ever given motivation which changed someone’s life?

How many question we have asked every single seconds, but as we know that each second is leaving us alone, We are waiting for surprises, but surprises which you want that. Not really when you really like that.

Plenty of question and the only one answer, You always wake up when you open the door of opportunity.