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The Walt Disney Strategy


“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as
long as there is imagination left in the world’:
– Walt Disney

There is one strategy in under of NLP, you would love to accept changes, if you wish to practice these following steps..

Step #1. Create four locations for states.
Step #2. Step into location #1, Dreamer.
Step #3. Step into location #2, Realist.
Step #4. Step into position #3, Critic.
Step #5. Select an outcome that you really want to achieve.
Step #6. Step into position #2, Realist. Associate into your
scenario of realizing the important goal
Step #7. Step into position #3, Critic. Is anything missing or
off track?
Step #8. Step back into position #1.
Step #8. Repeat this cycle a few times.
Step #9. Continue repetitions

The reason is that you do not want to be a dreamer most of the time or a realist most of the time, or worse – a critic most of the time. You want the freedom and flexibility to use any of these perspectives according to whatever is suitable for the outcome you’re pursuing.

Walt Disney was known to be non judgmental when it comes to crazy ideas. The strangest stories and strangest most outrageous ideas can bring to life a new idea that will be successful. So do not put an X on any of your thoughts.


The Art of fulfillment



I was reading last night about What really makes us more productive when we have lots of work and minimum duration of time ?  What is the urgent or what is not ? What are the important one but not an urgent  ? Well this is what i use to call the art of fulfillment.

This is something where people think for a while, they use to get all the benifits of what they accomplish. Fulfillment says, If i have something important that i know, and if i get immense level of efforts to achieve that, i will do it, until it recalls me as an urgent or not.  Your emotional side of life should always gives you the training of new beginning and make it point to chase new success. your conscious mind always accept the new thought but to digest them and always in the positive side of memory comes from Sub-conscious side.

My last day investigation on my to-do list, I was obfuscated with lots of things to do before the sun set, and what i have got to know, i was engaged in one or two prior work, thats because of my nature of work, my true feelings about what is important or what is urgent ?

So the Art of fulfillment says more towards your those tiny but continual , consistent efforts which push you more about your focus and the decision which guides you the better path.

Tony Robbins At His Very Best


What will i call to this guy, I am big fan of him. I can do anything when i face my real fear and that all comes outside when i shape it my physiology, my belief system. And Tony taught the hardest lesson of life. Most great things done by man have been picking up where others left off.

Incantations and states are two different things. An incantation is used to acheive a state, it is not the state itself. When listen to people like Tony, You should ask yourself “what can i learn for this?” rather than “what can i pick on?”