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Your work as a craft


Your work as a craft says, you must be having skills in your work,which calls towards the skilled worker, appreciation and the compliments for the sake of your praise. you are loving it and the other likes as well.

Did you think in that way, when the most recognition goes to your side, more wishes of people, cheers of your friends because you have created such a remarkable outcomes, you must be having gifted talent, because of since childhood, you are mentally tuff, focused, and there is no reason to become  rebellious.  So to keep such burning desire to meet such standard to live your life with much focus and with more happiness.


The Ultimate spreader


The person who become so closer, who seems to you more likely , loving, hearty and you like to spend your rest of life, From where those emotions comes ? Nothing left us alone, and nothing mean to stop you take a breath of your choice. Your decision creates your destiny, and you obey of it.

But the person who is in you, sometime comes from somewhere, which you couldn’t recognize it, you even wouldn’t be think to imagine, you simply smile and remember such marvelous moments of yours. your voice guides you whatever you say, you listen the sound and imagine the beauty of nature. Thats something from within. We think, life is treating us, but it is not the life which should be for us, but we should create such moments to make this journey as beautiful. when you give yourself for something which destine your path. when you become the source of love, source of rejoice , source of success, each single things seems to you like a creation of god and the god have some meaning of it.  And then you become the ultimate spreader.