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Two opinion


Would you mind to follow, What other says to you ? OR you have your own way to go?

Above 2 question have one thing common, that is your decision to take, You actually need to decide whether to follow your own opinion or someone else? Moreover it could reciprocate you,  it could suggest you the path which leads on right side, But what if you decide in your own perception. that matters Below story is somewhat the same like that :

A man who started his path by following up the path on what his father said, he became younger, he got to know much new insight , he left his home and started his further study in different town, he became graduate, got a decent job but still he follow the path and discuss with his father in brief what he actually do or think. But one thing he missed during his communication by his father, its more into basic talk compare to past brief talk, now his father thinks my son is independent and can take his own decision.

One day he became expert in his industry, his profession has given him more priority than before, he became quite busy, no closely he was missing his father to interact with, As his father thought my son is well verse,

One day he met a girl and they became friend, and their friendship moved to relationship and then he decided, she is the best one for her, she complete him, and finally he thought to approach his family, And decided to call his father, Moreover his father is having social value in their community but since the time is changed , community is there just to tell you this and that. Still he thinks, if he wanted to marry a girl, he shall consult his father.so he did.

His father wanted him to get marry by his own choice, but he wanted to marry a girl to whom he knows better. Two opinions but who knows better than each one. So he convinced parents and parents agreed to marry him with a girl to whom he liked. So till now the story is happy side,


As time goes on, He got busy in his profession and in his newly married life. But soon he missed to have daily talk with his family. But still he miss those cherishing moment with his family. but his parent thought he is changed. But he thinks he is same like he was before. Whenever he gets free, he contact them, but his family have different opinion ,

We often get diverse in our opinion but you can not forget to those who are for you ever, specially your father and mother. They assure you first in your trouble then somebody else. More you talk with them, more they like you close to them !


Today, I swear ! Will never come again.


When you have some seconds..moments….your own breath may take you away from yourself,

The dream, which never let you sleep because you dont want to sleep.

And after, you follow your own way, rather to left anything behind your back. I would say , its just same like i always thought . I quit my job today not because of i am not getting good salary, or good work, As i am getting highest pay scale, even better then my old job, I left because , i have had a dream which i saw sometime back, and always drown me to find the holy success.

I know its obfuscate but its not. The state of being self, may occurs you tough, but once you come out, you always love that. You always feel your burning desire which push 3 steps closer. I knew that, and always remember, if i will not do this, i cant do it anything. If i will not take chance, i can’t achieve my life dream.

The same i am trying to do today ! Most inspiring day again in my life, waked up early and went for office with same rhyme, one day i would have multi store glass building with as many of proficient associates. And i am going to do the same, For a second, if i will not be able, no regret, Because you get this life to achieve not for something lose.

Since that day when i entered in the industry where i have always smelled the taste of great success, even sometime fell down too, but the only fact i have decided to start my own , and now i have done with that.

So its quite interesting and most challenging path, going to start in my life, i know there will be narrow road, mud and a lot, but i know how to create the new way in the same prodigy. Its not like to do, its what you take an action for your likeness.


Dreams Vs Nightmares


Dreams, which is a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep.

Nightmare is a situation resembling a terrifying dream.

Now what do you see when you are in the deep sleep. something which is going to take you in the deep and it always so close to you.  Somtime that state comes when your eyes are open, you are so deeply concern with the emotional attachment of the subject. But in all state you always force yourself beyond the limits. The subject which is so incubus and also put you in the down.

Dreams are sweets or sour, kindle or upset, lovable or hateful, beautify or ugly, dark or light. The state to being in such kind of feeling change a lot in your mind. You always call yourself to being a part of such of image. Dreamer who always see the possibility , importance, success in it.

Dreams in the eyes


Who knows, what turned you on the root of aloof or alone ? where things always obfuscate. The distance which you measured ,assumed. its quite hard to find the way. The only dream which you saw last time, last day, last moment, last time, last phase, last place.who knows it vanished or still alive. Eyes which filled with dreams, only says the reality of existence.

Some of have the words against for dream, like it is nothing but delusion of your mind. you think but possibly its not the right things. Now the question is a guy who see the dream of million dollars of company, thats a dream, not reality. Quite true, But for those who are really a billion dollar person. how about those, Dream exist, but with certain amount of efforts. You must give your massive action beyond that, rather you see the dream of possibility or not.

Many of person who liked to see daydreaming. everyday they said to themselves , One day they will be like that, For an example, it is a founder of Wall mart, Walt Disney or Ray Kroc(Founder of McDonald) some other. To make it in the reality, you have to give it a massive efforts.

Shout or murmur


Astounding, When i saw the dream like i am in the heaven and all the angels are sitting near to me. it says more contemporary presence. so dig it and so versatile.

But suddenly , my morning alarm buzzed it. uh it is utter to wake up early. i said. God save me from this morning wake up. i fell down from the bed and said it again , where is my angel? , where is my angel?

You know ,” dream is precious but only with close eyes”. you know dream says something , want to show something but try it before to buzzing alarm. My god , i love to wake up late but i wish i could do it this. Office time and in the office bus schedule, Both combination unsuited to me and thats so unpredicatble.

So in all the case, You could rather shout or murmur. Thats your wish like what you want to do. If you shout , other will disturb or if u feel it murmur , that possible you will again go for sleep after buzzy alarm and will be late for office…Decide it and campaign it.