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Learning from Domino’s Pizza


If you want to learn something which makes the value in your life, your profession, so that could be anything, which looks different but comes with worth of meaning  or make the valuable point, you must be more concern on their strategies, their product line, and their staff or their customer satisfaction ? you must be note several ways to fulfill your satisfaction.

So how domino’s Pizza taught me about CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ?

Domino’s Pizza is famous for having defined customer satisfaction as “speed.”

Thomas Monahan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza, found that when people ordered a pizza, they were already hungry. For them, the speed at which the pizza was delivered was more important than the relative quality of the food. With this single insight, Thomas Monahan built a 7,000 unit pizza empire that extends around the Million Dollar Habits – Page 161world, and retired with a personal fortune of $1.8 billion dollars. Not a bad return on a single insight into what customers really wanted! How do your customers define satisfaction?

So these few alphabet makes a solid word and we calls that as  “customer” that guides me  serve them like to serving to someone you always wish to do.