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Insanely Great – Jobs


“This product is insanely great”

“Wow moment, when the first launch on Apple 2, Lisa , Mac, Next, Pixer, Ipod, IPad, Iphone”. What else you would like to say when the product itself says about human spirit, devotion, heart-touchy & many other meaning, which spread the life’s basic usability to be incredibly great. 

Steve Jobs, Evangelist, For him meaning is nothing but, A new maverick creation whether it was computer industry or Music one. Idea to create basic need to draw the love behind the product. You love it or you most love it, When you like to keep your gadget like you always wanted to do. That’s the breath in deep ocean when you are near to have a chance to live once more. 

I have had a look of this masterpiece stuff – Movie which have been acted by Ashton Kutcher  “Jobs”. A quick view is available on youtube too – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LR6yMl2FZSQ



so what’s nexT?


If we start the research on the latest product, this is something nerd or gig in music revolution. some of competitor follows the trends of this product, some of are still observing, how this tiny shell work so rapidly. Yes this is Ipod.

Many of us knew about Ipod, how it works? how rapid it is ? you could use it as mp3, mp4, Bluetooth based, surfing. Ipod is syncing all the things but what is the secret behind this revolutionary product.

Now a days , i am reading one book FROM ACORNS by Caspian woods. There is some of revolutionary ideas for creating a extraordinary business. In the book, Caspian has taken some of mind boggling ideas . There is one example which says about Steve job secret behind Ipod.

When Apple decided to hire Steve job as CEO , Steve was bit new in the process. he settled some couple of guys team in other building and said them to search something new apart from the other work strategy. After some years of struggle , they got the revolutionary product Ipod. it says about the process if you vindicate , you should have something secret from other part of work. sometime to share everything may trouble you to find the extraoridnary one.

So now the question is, Whats next? Hope so will get some of great things in upcoming times. Apple, as we know about the most recognizable brand in the world will come with something outstanding again.