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Debater and his meeting with god


Debater, Someone who engage in debate, They use to speak in front of other, They express their facts(if its right or wrong) but like to share up in front of mob. They use to share until the other like, And their meeting with god is about to speak himself, hours of hours of practice and then to speak.

Some beautiful lines from the movie : The great debater

Who is the JUDGE?

The judge is God.
Why is he GOD?
Because he decides who wins or loses, not my opponent.
Who is your OPPONENT?
He does not exist.
Why doesn’t he EXIST?
Because he is a mere dissenting voice of the TRUTH I speak.

My last day experience was somewhat the same , I have invited by one of my client to give presentation, and i oftentimes like when i use to get an opportunity to speak with, and 2 minute taught me a big lesson, when the head of a company has given his presentation like a guy in the debate, and his point of concerns was me. (Reviewed my all time work with them)


Rudy : An Unstoppable Dreamer


There is something which inside us, which always call you to drag something conventional and you know, you deserve it. if you will not, then why did you dream for that.  There is an inspirational movie, Rudy,  It is an account of the life of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, who harbored dreams of playing football at the University of Notre Dame despite significant obstacles.

Here’s the story of man, who was something like that, who always followed his dream, since childhood, he wanted to be a football player, In school class, Teacher called him a day dreamer, through him out of class,  But the visibility of his dream, never let him stopped. he was dyslexic (which was undiagnosed), and in a lower-middle class household, the third of fourteen children from his family. Rudy has worked in local steem mill, where his father worked, but the dream to being a part of Irish Team of Football was something so original.

Rudy harbored  of  a dream to play for Notre Dame The Fighting Irish football team, despite being merely 5’6″ and 165 pounds.

Ive got to go, Rock. Its alright, Im not afraid. Sometime, Rock, when the teams up against it, when things are wrong and the breaks are beating the boys….Tell them to go in there with all theyve got and win just one for the Gipper. I dont know where I’ll be then, Rock, but I’ll know about it………and I’ll be happy.

From the inspirational movie (Rudy)

Whats you have decided since your childhood, if you have not, then why not now. To live everyday and do the same work, where your source of inspiration is not coming with you. Whats in it. Its dull side. you dream, you make it possible, if you are not, its quite hard to follow.

Startup, Is this your first chance?


Startup , Is this your first chance?

Hopefully many of an idea, why am i telling you about this ? There are queues of question behind you, when you decide something to do. To see the dreams from the open eyes, it really looks esoteric , sunshine  anymore. But the reality is kind of different perception.

If you really knows the valuation of your visionary idea , then you have  an optimistic approach, if not so, have you asked yourself these question to yourself ?

  • In one sentence, what does your idea do and how will you convert in the result ?
  • Is it worth while to follow the same or who do buys it ?
  • What is one prodigious things which create the tremendous sales ?
  • If you have zero revenure from now on, on what date would you run out of money ?
  • Customer centric, Do you really care about these words ?
  • Do you have a right tuning with your partner, associates, stakeholders?
  • Which of your business part do you hate?
  • You like to get client, have you planned to serve them ?
  • You beleive in positive affairs, have you ever created your surrounding positive?

Well plenty of question, Not even me follow the same things, But what if your customer had fired you one day, You thought, its gone, you close your startup  and just came with empty hand and criticized of your customer. thats something mean and nasty words i think !

What i have learnt from today, thats really an amazing source of input, when the CEO of some X company, called me and said,  “If you will not , we will have others” Hope you understand, A small mistake makes big impact, Be curious and learn the things,  Such a thoughtful thought i have learnt Today !

You want to grow just grow, Leave all the things behind your back, Nobody even care about you and your business. You have to create and make it a solid benchmark,

Entrepreneurship , is not only simple but its something special beyond the any work in this world, Learn the things, and grab it fast.


One more Day !


“The way you take things, It gives you the same result. “

Someday later i went to my NGO { Aadhavtrust } with the dream of helping as many of people, I woke up late and my train was at 6.30, Hopefully i reached to station at 6.45 am, and i thought  for sure the train i will miss for my NGO trip, and asked to my friend , what do you think ? Shall we drop our plan or will go by late bus. He said, Why dont you try, may be you get the train, sometime it late too.

Unknowingly , i realized, there must be something will be perfect for the day. and the same it happened, I was 15 minute late and the train was at station, that all happened because of the , VIP were there and for them train master decided to stop for some more minutes.

What i learnt from that, Always be on time, may give you the success, but sometime to get fail also will conspire it too, Some of things, what we decide , sometime happen on a sudden.

Stipulated monk


Life ,

Where it is ?

What’s the heck it is ?

Where it breath always?

What it suppose to call itself?


It is not my way , why do i follow your way. there is something else in this world, who is just guiding the way. i am not a follower , not i follow to anyone. Neither i am moderator nor i am kid. Neither i am incoming nor i am outgoing. The place of opportunity , i have diverted to some other extend. i have waited so many morning and so night also. I have tried hard to dwell in the glass of rum.

Why do they call me as stipulated monk. A person of principle, I have destined by narrow way , i am changed as per the climate. There is voice which is coming to my noisy ear, it looks me murmuring or sometime so awful.  But i have no mean to say call like stipulated monk.

Where there’s a day, where there’s a light. i have no ignition but the light in my side. i see the things from the down side of line. i am so obsessed with my daily routine.

The way i take things as pragmatic as signified, i never lost my will and also my courage, am so outrageous but only for other. the way i am living my day, that always sound something. when i go to the bed, all my days weeps , just i have written in the diary, which is so comfortable to know myself again and again. now i could know this, the way they call me stipulated monk, due to my those habits. my promises by life.

Stunning Performance



Opportunities comes without certain knocks. Just try to grab them and give it the best- rew2019

There were three boy in the city. Each one had his own persona. The first one , a bit of shy and slackly because of public phobia . the second one kind of  courageous, extravagant. and third one with no qualities , just a dancer who dance sometime. all of three called on stage , and the jury sat in the auditorium.

The first one, A kind of shy, performed with fear factor and in the sudden he felt down on the stage.

The second one, Performed as like it was same when he performed last time,

The third one, kind of phenomenal, most rewarded with stunning performance. The fact is , he was not so good , not so bad, just he assumed i have had a chance to perform on stage and i think its my first chance. Without any thought , when he started some of fellas just cheers him up from the bottom row. His level of confidence increased and he gave it life time best performance.

Now what you call to this ? A kind of great dancer on the floor, or somewhat like you need to know the dance before to start.

Marvel Shine


The sunlight which is so visible in the morning time, pass to the marvel , it looks so bright and fairy. but if the light is dull due to the smoggy cloud and the brightness from the marvel is not shining like a dizzling star, it says somewhat the problem opted by someone.

Someof Cases,

Like , if i say the exam where i examined , its an amazing task. but the person who checked my copy in exam , not having the sound knowladge in subject, might trouble me to get the good marks.

Like , I am going for my first day of office , during the journey if rain comes , what would happen in that case. it utter seriously . i will lost my first day on time and it makes the dull day of the first day

Like, You are in the business, suddenly your client moved his hand out with the business partnership and the client which you are serving since 5 year. it really move you on the state of idle. The business turnover which is coming from the client and client hanged over due to business fluctuation.

Marvel Shine is here the only surviver. It says more about to neat and clean the marvel , so once the light comes it looks more bright. i mean during the trouble , do it lots of rework, change the strategy , working style so when time move for the dark , you will be visible with more and more shine.