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Everything has a frequency !


Everything! How could be possible when everything in this universe relates to the frequency ?

“So astounding are the facts in this connection that it would seem as though the Creator himself had electrically designed this planet.”


Every word has a frequency, every sound, every color, every tree, animal, plant, mineral, every material object. Every type of food and liquid has a frequency. Every place, city, and country has a frequency.The elements of air, fire, earth, and water all have frequencies.Health, disease, plenty of money, a lack of money, success and failure all have frequencies. Every event, situation, and circumstance has a frequency. Even your name has a frequency.But the real name of your frequency is what you are feeling!And whatever you’re feeling is bringing everything into your life that’s on a similar frequency to you.




To just crack the flaws and find the source of massive action, only will create a new transformation in your life. What you have to make it , just collect few days and start to count from the last, certainly you will find the nearest success of your life.

I was out of my city, and in mean while i have missed out some of my schedules, and then the client called me & said, I was not suppose to get proper result from your firm, What’s the heck ? You will be in bottle-neck if you will not give the exact needs of your customer, and  on sudden, i have just added my team for the meeting & discussed first, what we basically sales ? one of my teammate said, Services ! And on sudden i have got to know, my existence comes with those services which my client always wanted to have it. whole day & whole night, only one question ruined my mind, am i giving the way my customer always ask for ? And here’s the fault, I have written a page of assignment & gave each copy of few points before to serve to your customer, It has boosted my way of thinking and strength in my team.

Pattern of self-recrimination


Somebody said the same, People are not their behaviors .how true it is ? When the man of principle leaves his rest of life for those unwanted goals which never push it forwards for something achievable.

Imagine playing tennis and hitting a poor serve. From your perspective, you blew it. From your opponent’s perspective, it was a great shot—for him. From the line judge’s perspective, the serve was neither good nor bad; it was simply “in” or “out.” What often happens after hitting a poor shot? Peoplestart generalizing —and more often than not, in a disempowering way. “What a terrible serve” becomes “I couldn’t serve today to save my life.” Their next few serves are likely to be equally underwhelming. Then the train of generalization picks up speed, moving from “I couldn’t serve today to save my life” to “I never did have that great a serve” to “I’m really not such a hot tennis player” to”I never seem to be able to master anything” to “I’m a horrible person.” It looks ludicrous here,spelled out in lurid detail, but isn’t this the way it happens in so many areas of our lives? If we fail totake control of our evaluation process, it literally runs wild and sweeps us into the spiraling pattern of self-recrimination.

So few of ways which admires us beyond this blaming frame on us. and that is about the self-esteem for those things which helps you to build a solid relation with your body and your mind.

The Ideal Job For You


Confucius once wrote, “He who would rule must learn to obey.”

Dr. Victor Frankl, the founder of Logotherapy has written some of basic instinct about the four types of jobs that you can do,.

The first of these jobs are hard to learn and hard to do, who has no natural skill in that area. It would be hard to learn, and no matter how many years you did it, it would be hard to do.

The second type of job was a job that was hard to learn but easy to do. This may be a skill like typing with a keyboard or flying an airplane. Ittakes tremendous dedication and concentration to learn, but once you havemastered it, it is quite easy to do, hour after hour

The third type of job you might find yourself in is a job that easy to learn but hard to do, Physical labor falls into this category.

The fourth job category, and the most important, are those things that you find easy to learn and easy to do, are thebest indicators of your natural talents and abilities

So let it be like you always wanted to be, Your choices and your dedication to achieve something you always wanted to be, create the best of your always.

Unsolicited questions (For me O on some places)


My first lesson in entrepreneurial journey , Always do ask for what you truly wants to achieve otherwise they will call you “Without focus” .

How much time you have spent on your goals ? If you didnt focus on, It may drastically finish you or you would be in middle of struck.

How many time you have said to yourself, Thats the way i will achieve, did you ask for the solution first or to collect the problem, Problem sounds me much better then the solution,

To manage the team before , did you ever think about whats the meaning for leadership, for me most convenient way is to find & follow the best team member.

Its better to change perception then attitude, e.g, this is so tuff because of my client doesn’t give me actual values, perception says, that could be hard to deal and the attitude always favors the perception.  Better to find the attitude to say “Yes” attitude will comes together.

To follow the role model, This is somewhat to copy someone you think, he\she is my role model, My approach to keep it the frame with yourself, when the “0” thoughts comes, think about if this person would be on my place, what will he\she do, that will give you an answer to make it better judgement

Locus of Control Theory


Some interesting article from Brian Tracy, you guys must like it.

Psychologists differentiate between an internal locus of control and an external locus of control.Your locus of control is where you feel the control exists in each area of your life. This location determines your happiness or unhappiness more than any other factor.

For example, if you feel that you are the primary creative force in your own life,that you make your own decisions, and that everything that happens to you is a result of yourself and your own behaviors, you have a solid internal locus of control. As a result, you will feel strong, confident and happy. You will think with greater clarity and perform at higher levels than the average person.

Your work as a craft


Your work as a craft says, you must be having skills in your work,which calls towards the skilled worker, appreciation and the compliments for the sake of your praise. you are loving it and the other likes as well.

Did you think in that way, when the most recognition goes to your side, more wishes of people, cheers of your friends because you have created such a remarkable outcomes, you must be having gifted talent, because of since childhood, you are mentally tuff, focused, and there is no reason to become  rebellious.  So to keep such burning desire to meet such standard to live your life with much focus and with more happiness.