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Unsolicited questions (For me O on some places)


My first lesson in entrepreneurial journey , Always do ask for what you truly wants to achieve otherwise they will call you “Without focus” .

How much time you have spent on your goals ? If you didnt focus on, It may drastically finish you or you would be in middle of struck.

How many time you have said to yourself, Thats the way i will achieve, did you ask for the solution first or to collect the problem, Problem sounds me much better then the solution,

To manage the team before , did you ever think about whats the meaning for leadership, for me most convenient way is to find & follow the best team member.

Its better to change perception then attitude, e.g, this is so tuff because of my client doesn’t give me actual values, perception says, that could be hard to deal and the attitude always favors the perception.  Better to find the attitude to say “Yes” attitude will comes together.

To follow the role model, This is somewhat to copy someone you think, he\she is my role model, My approach to keep it the frame with yourself, when the “0” thoughts comes, think about if this person would be on my place, what will he\she do, that will give you an answer to make it better judgement


Being different for few


Where there is no vision, The people perish…. Proverb 29:18

How many of us wants to create something which other couldn’t think about ? how many of us have the feeling to make certain changes in our daily life. How many of us wants to create a great relationship with family, spouse , friends. I think everyone wants to create such pragmatic changes, but few for us follow.

somebody have given the actual observation and he said, 80% psychology and 20% is mechanics.

This is somewhat our system works,The mechanics of how to manage your time are really 20% of what it takes to get the result you want. 80% of your result in life, however are directly affects to your psychology.

And we people makes, always to think about past, become poorer , and feel about the lost, how could be so sound to being different.

Debater and his meeting with god


Debater, Someone who engage in debate, They use to speak in front of other, They express their facts(if its right or wrong) but like to share up in front of mob. They use to share until the other like, And their meeting with god is about to speak himself, hours of hours of practice and then to speak.

Some beautiful lines from the movie : The great debater

Who is the JUDGE?

The judge is God.
Why is he GOD?
Because he decides who wins or loses, not my opponent.
Who is your OPPONENT?
He does not exist.
Why doesn’t he EXIST?
Because he is a mere dissenting voice of the TRUTH I speak.

My last day experience was somewhat the same , I have invited by one of my client to give presentation, and i oftentimes like when i use to get an opportunity to speak with, and 2 minute taught me a big lesson, when the head of a company has given his presentation like a guy in the debate, and his point of concerns was me. (Reviewed my all time work with them)

Remember before to accept


When you borrowed your closest friend’s money,

When you went  for the first date, and you have had your own words which didn’t suite to the opposite one,

When you bargained for something, and you have got the wrong valuation,

When you stayed with your principle and somebody just stopped you not because of they knows better then you. Because of they have strong advices for you.

When you hurt to someone, not because of you dont care for them, because of you dont want to hurt the other one, to whom you relate before .

Always follow your way where your relation becomes stronger then ever and remember before to accept !

In the mean time, You may accept but in some short of it may skull on it, and you just beat the rhyme. There is a voice, which may stick you for the right. Its you , not your I , who come across to your door, The simplicity makes a big impression, when you like yourself before to someone …

Taste it or Avoid it


If  i would say , Why did you try something unusual and not suites to you ? You will give me an answer i am really obsessed with my routine and felt lousy so thought to do something different

Point is there, You would like to know, which you never knew, And once you reach on the level of experience , you smiled and loved yours deeds.

There was a boy, who always played a piano in his entire life, since long time, near to the crossroad, just sat and waited when people pass next to me, i will play as great as i never played, He waited many days, nobody even watched him, because of his efforts , which he didn’t give it proficiency, After a while, One of the old man came and said, give me ur piano, boy has given to old man, Once old man started to play piano, all those who were roaming came and watched him, the boy shocked after sometime, he asked to old man, how did you know that, then Old man said, i have devoted my entire life for the piano, and was here and there to find interest in people, but noboday came , one day i have decided i will play till the people surround it to me. and i have done that !

If you accept the pains, it may hurts you , put you on down, but as much u go down , you learn the lesson of truth , the glory. Follow your sorrows like your own way. Its your life, no one could stop you to heal it on top.

On the other side of road


There is a voices,  which is coming from the one side of road, murmuring sound and in the high pitch, this is the moment , why are you avoiding at all ? Those are not from other planet , live it with you, take a breath in the same open nature , in the same land on this earth, You smell the taste of flowers , go to school, go for job, go for lunch , go for dinner, and for them one time food, why is it so ? who cares for them, who hug to them. Nobody, not anywhere. They cry a lot, they can’t do it anything, you can do it better then anybody else. you never go on the other side of road, they live , eat , sleep on the same way.

You like to go to garden, fairs, temple, movie. but they only enjoy on the other side of the road, try to feel the pain of them, emotion from them. You set your place good, why not for them,

Street children, the only part of this earth , who live life in the down side of line. Not for food also for shelter , they search road by road. Help them, educate them, teach them and make it yourself for this nation’s most incredible person.

Positive Words


I thought to write most awaited words and so collected , what is in my mind? collect some of how about you , do you have some most crazy word which could define you. destine you.

Success  Dream  Desire Goliath  Love
Wish Remarkable Gig Opportunity  Giant
mammoth Truth Crazy Dream Faith Target
Positive Legend Power Proud Destiny
Idol Motive Irony Courage Life Achieve
Happiness Grace Inspire Motive Desire
Hope Confident Victory Brainy

Success,  Dreamer,  Desire, Goliath,  Love

Wish, Remarkable, Gig, Opportunity,  Giant

Mammoth, Truth, Crazy, Dream, Faith, Target

Positive, Legend, Power, Proud, Destiny

Idol, Motive, Irony, Courage, Life, Achieve

Happiness, Grace, Inspire, Motive, Desire

Hope, Confident, Victory, Brainy, Bravo

Visionary , Awesome, Joy, Marvelous

Precious, Auspicious, Curious, Amazing

Develop, Decide , Decision, Reward, Life

Great, Spiritual, Outwards , Struggler, Spirit

Perfect, Worship, Track, Revolution, Change

I know there are a lots of words but how many we like to feel it , smell it. See it and do let me know what’s in your mind.