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Fear and expectation


Fear and expectation, two side of one coin, which help you to build new ambitions. My last work was to deal with critical customer dealing, and that is about to showcase yourself with your present business needs, I was more towards to, what would be the client’s question, Am i really a key player in my area of expertises ? what are those words which i should share with my customer ? i was emotionally charged with the fear of lose. But my expectation always asked for more, something applicable and about to be publishable needs.

So in a moment of fear, my expectation accompanied me for next success. and i was more towards to discuss with my customer about some of more pitfalls of current services and that falls were realistic, which have had some places in the current market. they have liked it, and appriciated to me for showing the current situation and finding the new ways.

My fear was more towards to losing this deal, but my expectation has approached me, if not this, then no doors are open  and on sudden the new ambitions born.


There is a pleasure in the pathless woods..

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
 There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
 There is society, where none intrudes,
 By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
 I love not man the less, but Nature more,
 From these our interviews, in which I steal
 From all I may be, or have been before,
 To mingle with the Universe, and feel
 What I can ne'er express, yet cannot all conceal. 
                                            - Lord Byron

The Ideal Job For You


Confucius once wrote, “He who would rule must learn to obey.”

Dr. Victor Frankl, the founder of Logotherapy has written some of basic instinct about the four types of jobs that you can do,.

The first of these jobs are hard to learn and hard to do, who has no natural skill in that area. It would be hard to learn, and no matter how many years you did it, it would be hard to do.

The second type of job was a job that was hard to learn but easy to do. This may be a skill like typing with a keyboard or flying an airplane. Ittakes tremendous dedication and concentration to learn, but once you havemastered it, it is quite easy to do, hour after hour

The third type of job you might find yourself in is a job that easy to learn but hard to do, Physical labor falls into this category.

The fourth job category, and the most important, are those things that you find easy to learn and easy to do, are thebest indicators of your natural talents and abilities

So let it be like you always wanted to be, Your choices and your dedication to achieve something you always wanted to be, create the best of your always.

Unsolicited questions (For me O on some places)


My first lesson in entrepreneurial journey , Always do ask for what you truly wants to achieve otherwise they will call you “Without focus” .

How much time you have spent on your goals ? If you didnt focus on, It may drastically finish you or you would be in middle of struck.

How many time you have said to yourself, Thats the way i will achieve, did you ask for the solution first or to collect the problem, Problem sounds me much better then the solution,

To manage the team before , did you ever think about whats the meaning for leadership, for me most convenient way is to find & follow the best team member.

Its better to change perception then attitude, e.g, this is so tuff because of my client doesn’t give me actual values, perception says, that could be hard to deal and the attitude always favors the perception.  Better to find the attitude to say “Yes” attitude will comes together.

To follow the role model, This is somewhat to copy someone you think, he\she is my role model, My approach to keep it the frame with yourself, when the “0” thoughts comes, think about if this person would be on my place, what will he\she do, that will give you an answer to make it better judgement

Worthy question


Some of these question helps me to take purposeful action.

why do i want to do this ?

why was i put here ?

what do i want my life to stand for ?

what i want to accomplish ?

what do i want to be this kind of person ?

and some of more which helps me to make something valuable . there are few differences in vision and ultimate vision and there is small difference in it, that vision could be achieve by burning desire and desire is something put the value when the action drives for the success and that will happen when your body is in your control. you stick  on it. and freeze your fear, you find the ultimate reason behind your every single task.


Being different for few


Where there is no vision, The people perish…. Proverb 29:18

How many of us wants to create something which other couldn’t think about ? how many of us have the feeling to make certain changes in our daily life. How many of us wants to create a great relationship with family, spouse , friends. I think everyone wants to create such pragmatic changes, but few for us follow.

somebody have given the actual observation and he said, 80% psychology and 20% is mechanics.

This is somewhat our system works,The mechanics of how to manage your time are really 20% of what it takes to get the result you want. 80% of your result in life, however are directly affects to your psychology.

And we people makes, always to think about past, become poorer , and feel about the lost, how could be so sound to being different.

Open doors


Let me share some of those cases when you must be open your doors for the new beginning or the add-up in the existing process, or to start from the last to first. some cases would be:

  • Your business project is on higher budget, your peers are in opposition of new delivery model, how would you set your mind to make it happen?, what would be the point of concern in reference of your first beginning on that project?
  • Adding the new clients in your clientele or the serving the existing one in much efficient way, ( would be good if it s the exiting one first then new one)
  • Associates bidirectional-ism, You want to go on east side, your team says, change the direction for west, what would be the right side of direction
  • Competitive analysis of your services,  If 10 comptitiors are using the traditional model of service, would you be interested to follow the same one or will make a new annotation. and search the new door.

All in those cases ,you must be travel for new open doors, where the new opportunity always surround you and the productivity always scale up.