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Two opinion


Would you mind to follow, What other says to you ? OR you have your own way to go?

Above 2 question have one thing common, that is your decision to take, You actually need to decide whether to follow your own opinion or someone else? Moreover it could reciprocate you,  it could suggest you the path which leads on right side, But what if you decide in your own perception. that matters Below story is somewhat the same like that :

A man who started his path by following up the path on what his father said, he became younger, he got to know much new insight , he left his home and started his further study in different town, he became graduate, got a decent job but still he follow the path and discuss with his father in brief what he actually do or think. But one thing he missed during his communication by his father, its more into basic talk compare to past brief talk, now his father thinks my son is independent and can take his own decision.

One day he became expert in his industry, his profession has given him more priority than before, he became quite busy, no closely he was missing his father to interact with, As his father thought my son is well verse,

One day he met a girl and they became friend, and their friendship moved to relationship and then he decided, she is the best one for her, she complete him, and finally he thought to approach his family, And decided to call his father, Moreover his father is having social value in their community but since the time is changed , community is there just to tell you this and that. Still he thinks, if he wanted to marry a girl, he shall consult his he did.

His father wanted him to get marry by his own choice, but he wanted to marry a girl to whom he knows better. Two opinions but who knows better than each one. So he convinced parents and parents agreed to marry him with a girl to whom he liked. So till now the story is happy side,


As time goes on, He got busy in his profession and in his newly married life. But soon he missed to have daily talk with his family. But still he miss those cherishing moment with his family. but his parent thought he is changed. But he thinks he is same like he was before. Whenever he gets free, he contact them, but his family have different opinion ,

We often get diverse in our opinion but you can not forget to those who are for you ever, specially your father and mother. They assure you first in your trouble then somebody else. More you talk with them, more they like you close to them !


What other says about you , None of your business !!


Does it make sense, when you have your own way to decide, what you really wants to do ?

You must be heard those lines from ( True life story movie – Pursuit of Happiness , On Chris Gardner’s Life.)

Christopher Gardner: Hey. Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. All right?

Son: All right.

Christopher Gardner: You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.

In simple way : Your life is in your hand, It couldn’t be predict by someone’s hand, someone’s phenomena. Live it , Breath it, Flourish the abundance everywhere.

Insanely Great – Jobs


“This product is insanely great”

“Wow moment, when the first launch on Apple 2, Lisa , Mac, Next, Pixer, Ipod, IPad, Iphone”. What else you would like to say when the product itself says about human spirit, devotion, heart-touchy & many other meaning, which spread the life’s basic usability to be incredibly great. 

Steve Jobs, Evangelist, For him meaning is nothing but, A new maverick creation whether it was computer industry or Music one. Idea to create basic need to draw the love behind the product. You love it or you most love it, When you like to keep your gadget like you always wanted to do. That’s the breath in deep ocean when you are near to have a chance to live once more. 

I have had a look of this masterpiece stuff – Movie which have been acted by Ashton Kutcher  “Jobs”. A quick view is available on youtube too –


High Lifetime Payoff Habits


Just going through with very interesting article today, you must be like the habits which makes you better in some sense. 



Daily exercise Much better health, more attractive body, feeling great
Daily intellectual exercise Keep alert, increase intelligence, enjoy thinking
Doing one altruistic act a day Makes you happy
Meditating or quiet thinking each day Clear mental clutter, make better decisions
Daily nurturing of your lover Keep him or her; make them happy
Always give praise or thanks where possible Makes other person and you feel good
Save and invest 10 percent of income A future free of money worries
Being generous to friends Deepen relationship, feel good
Always having 2-3 hours of pure relaxation every day[3] Renew your energy, keep happy and healthy
Never lying Evokes trust, enhances reputation
Keeping calm and relaxed always Feel good, better health, longer life
Focusing on what matters to you Making more out of less
Deciding never to worry: always to act and not worry or not act and not worry Peace of mind, reduction of effort
Habitually asking yourself how to get more with less Dramatic improvement to any situation

Everything has a frequency !


Everything! How could be possible when everything in this universe relates to the frequency ?

“So astounding are the facts in this connection that it would seem as though the Creator himself had electrically designed this planet.”


Every word has a frequency, every sound, every color, every tree, animal, plant, mineral, every material object. Every type of food and liquid has a frequency. Every place, city, and country has a frequency.The elements of air, fire, earth, and water all have frequencies.Health, disease, plenty of money, a lack of money, success and failure all have frequencies. Every event, situation, and circumstance has a frequency. Even your name has a frequency.But the real name of your frequency is what you are feeling!And whatever you’re feeling is bringing everything into your life that’s on a similar frequency to you.

Worth Living or simply living ??


For some of , Life means to live everyday & enjoy every moment, meet with new opportunities, and for some of once again the same day, My life is also a kind of mixture feeling, First thought in morning, Am i going to be a successful business > and after i start to write my to-do. Its a joy and those such feelings which you always wants to achieve. To help someone, not from the money but from your heart, Meet as many of people everyday and make an impact in other’s life.

One incident, which happened in my life very early, I lost a friendship of one of my good friend, My sorry was not favorable, they just told me, you are not the right one, i have always decided to not loose anything, but life taught you always a new lesson. If you revenge, you will lose, or if you hug your pain, you will make worth living. My friend was like the same, we have started our entry with some vision and that vision became closer and then closer, we didn’t think at all and it just converted in friendship and then more closeness, and the day we have started the arguments and those arguments stands in front of our ego, Ego clashes, friendship broken out, and we lost the moment of happiness. Life taught you everyday a one new good thing and one bad thing. and now you decide which you wants to live with . To make worth living, decide what you want to do ? how much you want ? when you want ? Break the boundaries , Find the new ways.

Self-Proclaim (part-1)

What should i say, I am stunned to imagine my dream so perpetual again tonight, its feeling or just the way of my understanding, Something was missing but i have just smelled the same again today, I will create the god demm impact i my business, personal , social life, & will great the success & happiness in other’s life  & will become the most inspiring human being ever on this universe.
Liked my life again today !!