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Facts are facts


How many of you believe in it ? The storytellers have the story line and we mind in between the truth or lie, because the presenter knows, how to show the things, and change the other dogma’s in few steps.

My point of concern is about the habit of sorting out facts from fantasy,

I have one story for you, you must be like it,

Abraham Lincoln was once trying to make a point to the members of his cabinet. He asked this question, “If you took a dog, and called the dog’s tail a leg, how many legs would the dog now have?”

Several of his cabinet ministers suggested the answer, “Five.”

At this, Lincoln pointed out that, “No, the dog still has only four legs. Calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.”

The moral of this story is that wishing or hoping that a fact is true doesnot have any bearing on the ultimate truth of the statement. Only facts are facts.


Obscure result


Have you noted some of places where you have worked and till the last point you didnt have the exact result.

Result of thousands counting and the small number differences, its in point and negotiable to judge it. you are finding the place to point, but all the place you are getting the exact result, so in all place there is a place of investigation, the exact series of testing,

1. pick the first point of check pint

2. manage the middle digit, where do you want to compare the result

3. Final dead point, map it numerous check point.

For Ex: Sets of task to make the ladders in the queue, all the ladders are in the minor size difference, you must have to choose the exact match, and there is ambiguity, you will choose two ladder and and find the second sets of ladder , after the final links, you will map it, now you must be confuse because in all set result of minor difference ladder will be more !

My free falls


Everyone’s have some certain free falls, Like the light one or the hardest one, Few of have the imagination to measure it.

My free falls were,

First time fell down from the bicycle, Inside water swimming and lost to balance my breath, went for Indian idol and the judge sent me back in 10 second to listen my song, Just left to secured my first division in 12th standard from few of percentage, bought a guitar but didn’t play  one whole song on it, when she said goodbye, i was not able to said the same, First time taquilla shot and the hang over on the sudden moment., Lost the confidence first time given presentation to my client, first time tasted to lost my best friend.

And so many of , i didn’t give them the names and the proper acronym, but still it seems to me like ever last beginning. and i am in all state with as much as happiest i could live. most mean to me more then my imagination, a new learning, a new purpose..

Your work as a craft


Your work as a craft says, you must be having skills in your work,which calls towards the skilled worker, appreciation and the compliments for the sake of your praise. you are loving it and the other likes as well.

Did you think in that way, when the most recognition goes to your side, more wishes of people, cheers of your friends because you have created such a remarkable outcomes, you must be having gifted talent, because of since childhood, you are mentally tuff, focused, and there is no reason to become  rebellious.  So to keep such burning desire to meet such standard to live your life with much focus and with more happiness.

Small wishes, Many senses


When you were a child, you were the source of dreams,  wishes, your most scary dreams, or the story of superman, or a flyer, and the stars and the fighting with friends, you have always thought, you will fly in the sky, your own helicopter, you wanted to be a policeman, or somebody have thought i wanted to be a superman, Small wishes, but on some point gives us the big credit.

You love to do what you really wants to be, and the life says the same, you have attempted the harder and harder and stilling trying grab your own island, because your small wishes have created there own paradise, you are in it, you belongs to them, you live it, you meet every person as your long last friendship. you ran like a speed of sound , you played like the only sport star in the ground, you sung like the only singer, your small irritation, and the love for others.

And somebody have said the same , Your wishes becomes your reality, if you love them, hug them, meet them.


Hey Ya, Call me Kartik


Hey Ya, Call me Kartik or call me something else, There is something still we have common, that i have said since 1 year, 16 days , But you ! you even didn’t find anything common at all !

The way i smile, the way make it trauma, The road side beach or the hanging garden, flied in open sky , or mine non-stop coffee cup, What rubbish i have created things, this is something i know ! For god sake , i have changed since 3 days , You always ignored or  am i making you annoyed

A  long tired seamless nights and still you call me Kartik, neither i am inspired by Kartik Calling Kartik, nor i am farhan akhter, there is somewhat i am true , As i am not even hopeless case. There is something i am trying to find , what i can make it for you. You know or not, i am the only one, who knows you not only by introduction,  from my warm heart. living like a mad and this mad only have madness with long last emotion. I got to tell you how i feel, how i treat?  i see you walk sometime on my floor, or baby you just watching the flowers, dont make it so deny/whiny face.

Hey Ya, Call me Kartik or call me something else, There is something still we have common, that i have said since 1 year, 16 days , But you ! you even didn’t find anything common at all !



On some extend we choose only those things which is good and reasonable, but sometime some of outlandish(somewhat freaky) traits give us the new chances. A guy in circus shows so many tricks , magicians in the show, Monkey dance on the road, What you call for? they all are kind of bizzare which show the affection and collect the mob.

Now What they basically gets in that. Money, which somewhat support them, the differences , which they want to seize in front of all. Loyalty for the great prosperous. Now what is your freaky attempts, your chances , your presence which change someone’s mind in the outwards. Life is driving forcefully but with reductive way. Follow some of your base which you have stopped sometime back when you were in teenager. your hobbies, your self choice, might be change the way you dislike and give you the prosperous.