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The Walt Disney Strategy


“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as
long as there is imagination left in the world’:
– Walt Disney

There is one strategy in under of NLP, you would love to accept changes, if you wish to practice these following steps..

Step #1. Create four locations for states.
Step #2. Step into location #1, Dreamer.
Step #3. Step into location #2, Realist.
Step #4. Step into position #3, Critic.
Step #5. Select an outcome that you really want to achieve.
Step #6. Step into position #2, Realist. Associate into your
scenario of realizing the important goal
Step #7. Step into position #3, Critic. Is anything missing or
off track?
Step #8. Step back into position #1.
Step #8. Repeat this cycle a few times.
Step #9. Continue repetitions

The reason is that you do not want to be a dreamer most of the time or a realist most of the time, or worse – a critic most of the time. You want the freedom and flexibility to use any of these perspectives according to whatever is suitable for the outcome you’re pursuing.

Walt Disney was known to be non judgmental when it comes to crazy ideas. The strangest stories and strangest most outrageous ideas can bring to life a new idea that will be successful. So do not put an X on any of your thoughts.




To just crack the flaws and find the source of massive action, only will create a new transformation in your life. What you have to make it , just collect few days and start to count from the last, certainly you will find the nearest success of your life.

I was out of my city, and in mean while i have missed out some of my schedules, and then the client called me & said, I was not suppose to get proper result from your firm, What’s the heck ? You will be in bottle-neck if you will not give the exact needs of your customer, and  on sudden, i have just added my team for the meeting & discussed first, what we basically sales ? one of my teammate said, Services ! And on sudden i have got to know, my existence comes with those services which my client always wanted to have it. whole day & whole night, only one question ruined my mind, am i giving the way my customer always ask for ? And here’s the fault, I have written a page of assignment & gave each copy of few points before to serve to your customer, It has boosted my way of thinking and strength in my team.

Fear and expectation


Fear and expectation, two side of one coin, which help you to build new ambitions. My last work was to deal with critical customer dealing, and that is about to showcase yourself with your present business needs, I was more towards to, what would be the client’s question, Am i really a key player in my area of expertises ? what are those words which i should share with my customer ? i was emotionally charged with the fear of lose. But my expectation always asked for more, something applicable and about to be publishable needs.

So in a moment of fear, my expectation accompanied me for next success. and i was more towards to discuss with my customer about some of more pitfalls of current services and that falls were realistic, which have had some places in the current market. they have liked it, and appriciated to me for showing the current situation and finding the new ways.

My fear was more towards to losing this deal, but my expectation has approached me, if not this, then no doors are open  and on sudden the new ambitions born.

Learning from Domino’s Pizza


If you want to learn something which makes the value in your life, your profession, so that could be anything, which looks different but comes with worth of meaning  or make the valuable point, you must be more concern on their strategies, their product line, and their staff or their customer satisfaction ? you must be note several ways to fulfill your satisfaction.

So how domino’s Pizza taught me about CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ?

Domino’s Pizza is famous for having defined customer satisfaction as “speed.”

Thomas Monahan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza, found that when people ordered a pizza, they were already hungry. For them, the speed at which the pizza was delivered was more important than the relative quality of the food. With this single insight, Thomas Monahan built a 7,000 unit pizza empire that extends around the Million Dollar Habits – Page 161world, and retired with a personal fortune of $1.8 billion dollars. Not a bad return on a single insight into what customers really wanted! How do your customers define satisfaction?

So these few alphabet makes a solid word and we calls that as  “customer” that guides me  serve them like to serving to someone you always wish to do.

The habit of spending time


This is something you must be like it, Your precious time which you always wanted to make it good enough.

Well my point of concern on this subject is to share your time with your team, colleague, meet with them, Compliment on them on their accomplishments. Take them for coffee or lunch.  Make them feel important and valuable. Remember, the very best companies have the very best people. And these people are invariably the ones who are the happiest because of the way they are treated by others, especially by their bosses. The most valuable assets of your life to spending your time, where you wish to enjoy more, make more productive enough with your surrounding..

You and your company should be in a state of continuous  reorganization. Every day, week and month, you should be thinking about how you can deploy and redeploy people and resources to assure the highest level ofproductivity, performance and output.

Your Income 1000% ?


Income 1000% , You must be thinking about, you would have 1000% hike in your salary or you would have a profit of  1000% in your business, or its like you are going to get the jackpot, Well its more then any of your materialistc desire. This simple technique could change your productivity, and at last you will see yourself in a queue of successful people.

“1000% Formula”

In summary,  if you work on yourself continually, you can increase your productivity, performance and output by 1/10th of 1% (1/1000th) each working day.

Whats the hack this 1/10th of 1% (1/1000th) ??

This is something which i am going to share, its an equation, which could change the way you like things,

1/10th of 1% per day improvement translates into approximately 1/2 of 1% per week.

1/2 of 1% per week improvement translates into 2% improvement per month.

2% improvement per month translates into about 26% improvement inproductivity, performance and output each year.

Almost anyone who dedicates himself to continuous personal growth and learning can upgrade his performance and productivity by 26% each year. An improvement of 26% each year, compounded year by year, means that you will double your productivity, performance and output in 2.7 years.

Over the course of 10 years, by improving yourself by 1/1000th per day (1/10th of one percent), 26% per year, you will increase your productivity, performance and rewards by 1004%.

Concept from the book “Focal Point”

The Ideal Job For You


Confucius once wrote, “He who would rule must learn to obey.”

Dr. Victor Frankl, the founder of Logotherapy has written some of basic instinct about the four types of jobs that you can do,.

The first of these jobs are hard to learn and hard to do, who has no natural skill in that area. It would be hard to learn, and no matter how many years you did it, it would be hard to do.

The second type of job was a job that was hard to learn but easy to do. This may be a skill like typing with a keyboard or flying an airplane. Ittakes tremendous dedication and concentration to learn, but once you havemastered it, it is quite easy to do, hour after hour

The third type of job you might find yourself in is a job that easy to learn but hard to do, Physical labor falls into this category.

The fourth job category, and the most important, are those things that you find easy to learn and easy to do, are thebest indicators of your natural talents and abilities

So let it be like you always wanted to be, Your choices and your dedication to achieve something you always wanted to be, create the best of your always.