High Lifetime Payoff Habits


Just going through with very interesting article today, you must be like the habits which makes you better in some sense. 



Daily exercise Much better health, more attractive body, feeling great
Daily intellectual exercise Keep alert, increase intelligence, enjoy thinking
Doing one altruistic act a day Makes you happy
Meditating or quiet thinking each day Clear mental clutter, make better decisions
Daily nurturing of your lover Keep him or her; make them happy
Always give praise or thanks where possible Makes other person and you feel good
Save and invest 10 percent of income A future free of money worries
Being generous to friends Deepen relationship, feel good
Always having 2-3 hours of pure relaxation every day[3] Renew your energy, keep happy and healthy
Never lying Evokes trust, enhances reputation
Keeping calm and relaxed always Feel good, better health, longer life
Focusing on what matters to you Making more out of less
Deciding never to worry: always to act and not worry or not act and not worry Peace of mind, reduction of effort
Habitually asking yourself how to get more with less Dramatic improvement to any situation

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