To just crack the flaws and find the source of massive action, only will create a new transformation in your life. What you have to make it , just collect few days and start to count from the last, certainly you will find the nearest success of your life.

I was out of my city, and in mean while i have missed out some of my schedules, and then the client called me & said, I was not suppose to get proper result from your firm, What’s the heck ? You will be in bottle-neck if you will not give the exact needs of your customer, and  on sudden, i have just added my team for the meeting & discussed first, what we basically sales ? one of my teammate said, Services ! And on sudden i have got to know, my existence comes with those services which my client always wanted to have it. whole day & whole night, only one question ruined my mind, am i giving the way my customer always ask for ? And here’s the fault, I have written a page of assignment & gave each copy of few points before to serve to your customer, It has boosted my way of thinking and strength in my team.


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