The habit of spending time


This is something you must be like it, Your precious time which you always wanted to make it good enough.

Well my point of concern on this subject is to share your time with your team, colleague, meet with them, Compliment on them on their accomplishments. Take them for coffee or lunch.  Make them feel important and valuable. Remember, the very best companies have the very best people. And these people are invariably the ones who are the happiest because of the way they are treated by others, especially by their bosses. The most valuable assets of your life to spending your time, where you wish to enjoy more, make more productive enough with your surrounding..

You and your company should be in a state of continuous  reorganization. Every day, week and month, you should be thinking about how you can deploy and redeploy people and resources to assure the highest level ofproductivity, performance and output.


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