Unsolicited questions (For me O on some places)


My first lesson in entrepreneurial journey , Always do ask for what you truly wants to achieve otherwise they will call you “Without focus” .

How much time you have spent on your goals ? If you didnt focus on, It may drastically finish you or you would be in middle of struck.

How many time you have said to yourself, Thats the way i will achieve, did you ask for the solution first or to collect the problem, Problem sounds me much better then the solution,

To manage the team before , did you ever think about whats the meaning for leadership, for me most convenient way is to find & follow the best team member.

Its better to change perception then attitude, e.g, this is so tuff because of my client doesn’t give me actual values, perception says, that could be hard to deal and the attitude always favors the perception.  Better to find the attitude to say “Yes” attitude will comes together.

To follow the role model, This is somewhat to copy someone you think, he\she is my role model, My approach to keep it the frame with yourself, when the “0” thoughts comes, think about if this person would be on my place, what will he\she do, that will give you an answer to make it better judgement


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