Connecting to the dots


That’s the beauty of life, when you find your way for dots and connect them one by one, if it is to make it connect for backward or the forwards.  Believing on the dots gives you the confidence to lead you for the next step.

To act on the things earlier in your life, if its about what you wanted to be, is somewhere the finest task ever in this universe. The company who makes the devices like Ipod, iphone(Vision of apple in media industry) or the company from the automobile(vision of rapid change cars of fords) or to serve & product the coffees(Starbucks) or the company with its core-values(Zappos). There all existence is about to connecting those dots which is going to shape the future.

If i would say the five reason why should not let your dream goes away because on someday,

  • No regret on the day when you are about to die.
  • More happier then you ever wanted to be
  • Always note in your dairy, here’s the day i wanted to live today
  • Time is limited, and you find the beauty of living everyday and what you truly wants to become.
  • To salute on the possibilities of your vision, like everything is possible.



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