Buzzing like a bee


You are what you‘re attracted to….

Isn’t it so beautiful when the morning start with listening of your favorite song, coffee in your hand, the first light of sun, you would feel glimpse, you would like to speak to whom you like always to do, and you plan for the day with some list of task, all day happy-happy, no such lousy feeling but for sure charming by this shivering climate.

Why not ! its always there, wake up 1 hour before you plan for the day . you must be find your bed again but on some instant you would have the better feeling, you could imagine the first morning wish before one hour. Some of things which you could do in this early hours are, read what you always wanted to be, Music, which helps you to wound for the day and daydreaming which you always wish to do. think for the best of memories, you  can go for run or could plan for this upcoming hours, ….there are lots of things pending in your list to work for, and what are you waiting for ??


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