Obscure result


Have you noted some of places where you have worked and till the last point you didnt have the exact result.

Result of thousands counting and the small number differences, its in point and negotiable to judge it. you are finding the place to point, but all the place you are getting the exact result, so in all place there is a place of investigation, the exact series of testing,

1. pick the first point of check pint

2. manage the middle digit, where do you want to compare the result

3. Final dead point, map it numerous check point.

For Ex: Sets of task to make the ladders in the queue, all the ladders are in the minor size difference, you must have to choose the exact match, and there is ambiguity, you will choose two ladder and and find the second sets of ladder , after the final links, you will map it, now you must be confuse because in all set result of minor difference ladder will be more !


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