Open doors


Let me share some of those cases when you must be open your doors for the new beginning or the add-up in the existing process, or to start from the last to first. some cases would be:

  • Your business project is on higher budget, your peers are in opposition of new delivery model, how would you set your mind to make it happen?, what would be the point of concern in reference of your first beginning on that project?
  • Adding the new clients in your clientele or the serving the existing one in much efficient way, ( would be good if it s the exiting one first then new one)
  • Associates bidirectional-ism, You want to go on east side, your team says, change the direction for west, what would be the right side of direction
  • Competitive analysis of your services,  If 10 comptitiors are using the traditional model of service, would you be interested to follow the same one or will make a new annotation. and search the new door.

All in those cases ,you must be travel for new open doors, where the new opportunity always surround you and the productivity always scale up.


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