Resolution 2011


Whats special this year? Hopefully, One more decade is going to start from 2011 and going to be end on 2020,  I didn’t remember, how many of things i have still followed since i have written my last year resolution, So this year resolution is to think and work on my resolutions , To follow them pragmatically, that’s something a big O. but whats the matter, if something which you list out, and certainly try to do certain things.

Something which i will note today, its my 300th Blog, somewhat i am passionately giving some short of time on my blogging.  Its being good to share some of thoughts which comes in my 1 gallon head. So this year going to add some more 365 blogs. One blog per day(New Resolution), as i was not committed in my last resolution for this, this season, i will be in it.

Each year, something going to be happen, new product will launch, new books is going to be write , creative idea, Innovation, new startups will be open and some of will be close, Same education with new graduates, your boss will give you go ahead for your ideas, you will be freely work, and to take some initiates , new opportunities and so many more.

So in the same plan, i have setup my resolution, there must be something i am going to cover for sure, this time bit serious , and hopefully will do something better.

  • Write a book (Self Help) & Publish my poetry book
  • Trip in Hot balloon
  • Read new books
    • NLP Technique – Shlomo Vaknin
    • NLP Mindlines – Micheal Hall
    • My life and work – Henry Ford
    • Mark Twain – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    • The Spirit Of NLP – Micheal Hall
    • Eat the frog – Brain Tracy
    • Awaken the giant within – Anthony Robbines
    • Time of your life – Anthony Robbines ( Read)
    • Millon Dollar habit – Brain Tracy
    • John Wiley & Sons – The 7 Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth – 2005
    • The Warren Buffet Way
    • Maximum Achivement – Brain Tracy
    • How to win friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie
    • Harry Lorayne – Super Power Memory
    • Tao to ching – Lao-tzu
    • Non Verbal Communication – Dr. Gabriel and Nili Raam
    • Read HR Glossary(900 Patterns) – Adnan
    • Master key System – Charles Haanel
    • Arlinski – Infinite Knowladge – Consscious Concept Wisdom
    • Law of Success – Napolian Hills
    • Money Mastery (10 Principle that will change your Life Forver) – Alan Williams
    • Autobiography of Bejnamin Franklin (On process)
  • Reach to 1 Million $ Revenue of my business ( On process)
  • Foreign Trip
  • 10 Motivational Presentations in collages
  • Write 365 Blogs)  ( On process)
  • Reach to 200th Clients including start-up, mid-cap & fortune 500 clients ( On process reached about 50 + client)
  • Become NLP Practitioner.
  • Contribute & Donate large amount of money to my NGO (aadhavtrust)
  • Trip of Leh( Spiritual vision) –( First week of September)
  • Attend 20 Outstanding Events Including Tony Robbines, Brian Tracy, Dr. Dier(Motivational, Spiritual, Meditative, Scientific)
  • Join Golf club
  • Meet 10 Great Personality
  • Wake up at 6 am and go for a run\gym( On process)

Certainly  life is small, less chances to stay in your time and more time to spare the time without certain reason, If it is all about to setup the goals and to implement, you must love it to do, So I wish this year will be great and more enjoyable to stay happy and to follow something smashing and lovable.


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  1. @Ajay, I know this is something which i feel, should not be in list, this could be happen soon,

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