Today, I swear ! Will never come again.


When you have some seconds..moments….your own breath may take you away from yourself,

The dream, which never let you sleep because you dont want to sleep.

And after, you follow your own way, rather to left anything behind your back. I would say , its just same like i always thought . I quit my job today not because of i am not getting good salary, or good work, As i am getting highest pay scale, even better then my old job, I left because , i have had a dream which i saw sometime back, and always drown me to find the holy success.

I know its obfuscate but its not. The state of being self, may occurs you tough, but once you come out, you always love that. You always feel your burning desire which push 3 steps closer. I knew that, and always remember, if i will not do this, i cant do it anything. If i will not take chance, i can’t achieve my life dream.

The same i am trying to do today ! Most inspiring day again in my life, waked up early and went for office with same rhyme, one day i would have multi store glass building with as many of proficient associates. And i am going to do the same, For a second, if i will not be able, no regret, Because you get this life to achieve not for something lose.

Since that day when i entered in the industry where i have always smelled the taste of great success, even sometime fell down too, but the only fact i have decided to start my own , and now i have done with that.

So its quite interesting and most challenging path, going to start in my life, i know there will be narrow road, mud and a lot, but i know how to create the new way in the same prodigy. Its not like to do, its what you take an action for your likeness.



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