Two opinion


Would you mind to follow, What other says to you ? OR you have your own way to go?

Above 2 question have one thing common, that is your decision to take, You actually need to decide whether to follow your own opinion or someone else? Moreover it could reciprocate you,  it could suggest you the path which leads on right side, But what if you decide in your own perception. that matters Below story is somewhat the same like that :

A man who started his path by following up the path on what his father said, he became younger, he got to know much new insight , he left his home and started his further study in different town, he became graduate, got a decent job but still he follow the path and discuss with his father in brief what he actually do or think. But one thing he missed during his communication by his father, its more into basic talk compare to past brief talk, now his father thinks my son is independent and can take his own decision.

One day he became expert in his industry, his profession has given him more priority than before, he became quite busy, no closely he was missing his father to interact with, As his father thought my son is well verse,

One day he met a girl and they became friend, and their friendship moved to relationship and then he decided, she is the best one for her, she complete him, and finally he thought to approach his family, And decided to call his father, Moreover his father is having social value in their community but since the time is changed , community is there just to tell you this and that. Still he thinks, if he wanted to marry a girl, he shall consult his he did.

His father wanted him to get marry by his own choice, but he wanted to marry a girl to whom he knows better. Two opinions but who knows better than each one. So he convinced parents and parents agreed to marry him with a girl to whom he liked. So till now the story is happy side,


As time goes on, He got busy in his profession and in his newly married life. But soon he missed to have daily talk with his family. But still he miss those cherishing moment with his family. but his parent thought he is changed. But he thinks he is same like he was before. Whenever he gets free, he contact them, but his family have different opinion ,

We often get diverse in our opinion but you can not forget to those who are for you ever, specially your father and mother. They assure you first in your trouble then somebody else. More you talk with them, more they like you close to them !


What other says about you , None of your business !!


Does it make sense, when you have your own way to decide, what you really wants to do ?

You must be heard those lines from ( True life story movie – Pursuit of Happiness , On Chris Gardner’s Life.)

Christopher Gardner: Hey. Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. All right?

Son: All right.

Christopher Gardner: You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.

In simple way : Your life is in your hand, It couldn’t be predict by someone’s hand, someone’s phenomena. Live it , Breath it, Flourish the abundance everywhere.

Insanely Great – Jobs


“This product is insanely great”

“Wow moment, when the first launch on Apple 2, Lisa , Mac, Next, Pixer, Ipod, IPad, Iphone”. What else you would like to say when the product itself says about human spirit, devotion, heart-touchy & many other meaning, which spread the life’s basic usability to be incredibly great. 

Steve Jobs, Evangelist, For him meaning is nothing but, A new maverick creation whether it was computer industry or Music one. Idea to create basic need to draw the love behind the product. You love it or you most love it, When you like to keep your gadget like you always wanted to do. That’s the breath in deep ocean when you are near to have a chance to live once more. 

I have had a look of this masterpiece stuff – Movie which have been acted by Ashton Kutcher  “Jobs”. A quick view is available on youtube too –


High Lifetime Payoff Habits


Just going through with very interesting article today, you must be like the habits which makes you better in some sense. 



Daily exercise Much better health, more attractive body, feeling great
Daily intellectual exercise Keep alert, increase intelligence, enjoy thinking
Doing one altruistic act a day Makes you happy
Meditating or quiet thinking each day Clear mental clutter, make better decisions
Daily nurturing of your lover Keep him or her; make them happy
Always give praise or thanks where possible Makes other person and you feel good
Save and invest 10 percent of income A future free of money worries
Being generous to friends Deepen relationship, feel good
Always having 2-3 hours of pure relaxation every day[3] Renew your energy, keep happy and healthy
Never lying Evokes trust, enhances reputation
Keeping calm and relaxed always Feel good, better health, longer life
Focusing on what matters to you Making more out of less
Deciding never to worry: always to act and not worry or not act and not worry Peace of mind, reduction of effort
Habitually asking yourself how to get more with less Dramatic improvement to any situation

Everything has a frequency !


Everything! How could be possible when everything in this universe relates to the frequency ?

“So astounding are the facts in this connection that it would seem as though the Creator himself had electrically designed this planet.”


Every word has a frequency, every sound, every color, every tree, animal, plant, mineral, every material object. Every type of food and liquid has a frequency. Every place, city, and country has a frequency.The elements of air, fire, earth, and water all have frequencies.Health, disease, plenty of money, a lack of money, success and failure all have frequencies. Every event, situation, and circumstance has a frequency. Even your name has a frequency.But the real name of your frequency is what you are feeling!And whatever you’re feeling is bringing everything into your life that’s on a similar frequency to you.

Worth Living or simply living ??


For some of , Life means to live everyday & enjoy every moment, meet with new opportunities, and for some of once again the same day, My life is also a kind of mixture feeling, First thought in morning, Am i going to be a successful business > and after i start to write my to-do. Its a joy and those such feelings which you always wants to achieve. To help someone, not from the money but from your heart, Meet as many of people everyday and make an impact in other’s life.

One incident, which happened in my life very early, I lost a friendship of one of my good friend, My sorry was not favorable, they just told me, you are not the right one, i have always decided to not loose anything, but life taught you always a new lesson. If you revenge, you will lose, or if you hug your pain, you will make worth living. My friend was like the same, we have started our entry with some vision and that vision became closer and then closer, we didn’t think at all and it just converted in friendship and then more closeness, and the day we have started the arguments and those arguments stands in front of our ego, Ego clashes, friendship broken out, and we lost the moment of happiness. Life taught you everyday a one new good thing and one bad thing. and now you decide which you wants to live with . To make worth living, decide what you want to do ? how much you want ? when you want ? Break the boundaries , Find the new ways.

Self-Proclaim (part-1)

What should i say, I am stunned to imagine my dream so perpetual again tonight, its feeling or just the way of my understanding, Something was missing but i have just smelled the same again today, I will create the god demm impact i my business, personal , social life, & will great the success & happiness in other’s life  & will become the most inspiring human being ever on this universe.
Liked my life again today !!

Reaction of my action


Man & his principle often think the same question, which path he wants to lead? one path is going to call for victory & the other one in the mud of lost. Its your action, which only helps you to see one step ahead. What motivates you ? the eternal factor or the assumption of someone’s thought.

Crossed my 25 years last year, but i didn’t know, what i really wants to achieve ? what is about to obfuscate me always ? hefty desires and few actions, and after the wholesome result. Ok , if i would say, i need internal motivation not the external one, I think i would be right on it.

Internal motivation says to me, its from within, i don’t need to change anything, only need to change myself, outside one often calls me to look other and get inspired, is that the only thing i am looking for ? if yes then i am doing wrong, Drive from within, that’s my mantra from today, Have followed a lots of but for now, its from within, Man merely achieve significant success until he remember what is all about, what’s his potential , what drives him to take more action the average human being,.

All i want to say, See inside your soul, something is calling you, beating you, creating you, meeting with you and if you just catch those moments, life will be easier for you to achieve what ever you want. Its within, not something out of side.

The Walt Disney Strategy


“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as
long as there is imagination left in the world’:
– Walt Disney

There is one strategy in under of NLP, you would love to accept changes, if you wish to practice these following steps..

Step #1. Create four locations for states.
Step #2. Step into location #1, Dreamer.
Step #3. Step into location #2, Realist.
Step #4. Step into position #3, Critic.
Step #5. Select an outcome that you really want to achieve.
Step #6. Step into position #2, Realist. Associate into your
scenario of realizing the important goal
Step #7. Step into position #3, Critic. Is anything missing or
off track?
Step #8. Step back into position #1.
Step #8. Repeat this cycle a few times.
Step #9. Continue repetitions

The reason is that you do not want to be a dreamer most of the time or a realist most of the time, or worse – a critic most of the time. You want the freedom and flexibility to use any of these perspectives according to whatever is suitable for the outcome you’re pursuing.

Walt Disney was known to be non judgmental when it comes to crazy ideas. The strangest stories and strangest most outrageous ideas can bring to life a new idea that will be successful. So do not put an X on any of your thoughts.



To just crack the flaws and find the source of massive action, only will create a new transformation in your life. What you have to make it , just collect few days and start to count from the last, certainly you will find the nearest success of your life.

I was out of my city, and in mean while i have missed out some of my schedules, and then the client called me & said, I was not suppose to get proper result from your firm, What’s the heck ? You will be in bottle-neck if you will not give the exact needs of your customer, and  on sudden, i have just added my team for the meeting & discussed first, what we basically sales ? one of my teammate said, Services ! And on sudden i have got to know, my existence comes with those services which my client always wanted to have it. whole day & whole night, only one question ruined my mind, am i giving the way my customer always ask for ? And here’s the fault, I have written a page of assignment & gave each copy of few points before to serve to your customer, It has boosted my way of thinking and strength in my team.

Brighter or Dimmer picture


How often have you heard the phrase, “She has a brightfuture” or, “He has a colorful past”? Expressions like these are more than metaphors. They are precise descriptions of the speaker’s internal thinking, and these descriptions are the key to learning how to change your own experience in useful ways. For instance, right now notice how you picture a pleasant future event in your own life . . . and then brighten that picture and notice how your feelings change. When you brighten that picture, do you “look forward” to it more? Most people respond more strongly to a brighter picture; a few respond more to a dimmer picture.

And the picture matters a lot, which side of wall you suppose to watch, one side calls to opportunities and the other one the empty.

Tears and the heaven


What would you relate to two things, which have some meaning, some existence. Like the tears and the heaven, how would you relate two unknown things together,.

To get the heaven , you must be in struggle, find the path of truth,  and to help others, give it rather to take it back.

Tears fall down and the beautiful moment comes, and for those who learn something from the falling tears, and make it better and better.

Tears matter s a lot for astounding feelings and the heaven means more for the best time ever with beautiful moments.

Fear and expectation


Fear and expectation, two side of one coin, which help you to build new ambitions. My last work was to deal with critical customer dealing, and that is about to showcase yourself with your present business needs, I was more towards to, what would be the client’s question, Am i really a key player in my area of expertises ? what are those words which i should share with my customer ? i was emotionally charged with the fear of lose. But my expectation always asked for more, something applicable and about to be publishable needs.

So in a moment of fear, my expectation accompanied me for next success. and i was more towards to discuss with my customer about some of more pitfalls of current services and that falls were realistic, which have had some places in the current market. they have liked it, and appriciated to me for showing the current situation and finding the new ways.

My fear was more towards to losing this deal, but my expectation has approached me, if not this, then no doors are open  and on sudden the new ambitions born.

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods..

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
 There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
 There is society, where none intrudes,
 By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
 I love not man the less, but Nature more,
 From these our interviews, in which I steal
 From all I may be, or have been before,
 To mingle with the Universe, and feel
 What I can ne'er express, yet cannot all conceal. 
                                            - Lord Byron

Pattern of self-recrimination


Somebody said the same, People are not their behaviors .how true it is ? When the man of principle leaves his rest of life for those unwanted goals which never push it forwards for something achievable.

Imagine playing tennis and hitting a poor serve. From your perspective, you blew it. From your opponent’s perspective, it was a great shot—for him. From the line judge’s perspective, the serve was neither good nor bad; it was simply “in” or “out.” What often happens after hitting a poor shot? Peoplestart generalizing —and more often than not, in a disempowering way. “What a terrible serve” becomes “I couldn’t serve today to save my life.” Their next few serves are likely to be equally underwhelming. Then the train of generalization picks up speed, moving from “I couldn’t serve today to save my life” to “I never did have that great a serve” to “I’m really not such a hot tennis player” to”I never seem to be able to master anything” to “I’m a horrible person.” It looks ludicrous here,spelled out in lurid detail, but isn’t this the way it happens in so many areas of our lives? If we fail totake control of our evaluation process, it literally runs wild and sweeps us into the spiraling pattern of self-recrimination.

So few of ways which admires us beyond this blaming frame on us. and that is about the self-esteem for those things which helps you to build a solid relation with your body and your mind.

Learning from Domino’s Pizza


If you want to learn something which makes the value in your life, your profession, so that could be anything, which looks different but comes with worth of meaning  or make the valuable point, you must be more concern on their strategies, their product line, and their staff or their customer satisfaction ? you must be note several ways to fulfill your satisfaction.

So how domino’s Pizza taught me about CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ?

Domino’s Pizza is famous for having defined customer satisfaction as “speed.”

Thomas Monahan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza, found that when people ordered a pizza, they were already hungry. For them, the speed at which the pizza was delivered was more important than the relative quality of the food. With this single insight, Thomas Monahan built a 7,000 unit pizza empire that extends around the Million Dollar Habits – Page 161world, and retired with a personal fortune of $1.8 billion dollars. Not a bad return on a single insight into what customers really wanted! How do your customers define satisfaction?

So these few alphabet makes a solid word and we calls that as  “customer” that guides me  serve them like to serving to someone you always wish to do.

Facts are facts


How many of you believe in it ? The storytellers have the story line and we mind in between the truth or lie, because the presenter knows, how to show the things, and change the other dogma’s in few steps.

My point of concern is about the habit of sorting out facts from fantasy,

I have one story for you, you must be like it,

Abraham Lincoln was once trying to make a point to the members of his cabinet. He asked this question, “If you took a dog, and called the dog’s tail a leg, how many legs would the dog now have?”

Several of his cabinet ministers suggested the answer, “Five.”

At this, Lincoln pointed out that, “No, the dog still has only four legs. Calling a tail a leg does not make it a leg.”

The moral of this story is that wishing or hoping that a fact is true doesnot have any bearing on the ultimate truth of the statement. Only facts are facts.

The habit of spending time


This is something you must be like it, Your precious time which you always wanted to make it good enough.

Well my point of concern on this subject is to share your time with your team, colleague, meet with them, Compliment on them on their accomplishments. Take them for coffee or lunch.  Make them feel important and valuable. Remember, the very best companies have the very best people. And these people are invariably the ones who are the happiest because of the way they are treated by others, especially by their bosses. The most valuable assets of your life to spending your time, where you wish to enjoy more, make more productive enough with your surrounding..

You and your company should be in a state of continuous  reorganization. Every day, week and month, you should be thinking about how you can deploy and redeploy people and resources to assure the highest level ofproductivity, performance and output.

Your Income 1000% ?


Income 1000% , You must be thinking about, you would have 1000% hike in your salary or you would have a profit of  1000% in your business, or its like you are going to get the jackpot, Well its more then any of your materialistc desire. This simple technique could change your productivity, and at last you will see yourself in a queue of successful people.

“1000% Formula”

In summary,  if you work on yourself continually, you can increase your productivity, performance and output by 1/10th of 1% (1/1000th) each working day.

Whats the hack this 1/10th of 1% (1/1000th) ??

This is something which i am going to share, its an equation, which could change the way you like things,

1/10th of 1% per day improvement translates into approximately 1/2 of 1% per week.

1/2 of 1% per week improvement translates into 2% improvement per month.

2% improvement per month translates into about 26% improvement inproductivity, performance and output each year.

Almost anyone who dedicates himself to continuous personal growth and learning can upgrade his performance and productivity by 26% each year. An improvement of 26% each year, compounded year by year, means that you will double your productivity, performance and output in 2.7 years.

Over the course of 10 years, by improving yourself by 1/1000th per day (1/10th of one percent), 26% per year, you will increase your productivity, performance and rewards by 1004%.

Concept from the book “Focal Point”

The Ideal Job For You


Confucius once wrote, “He who would rule must learn to obey.”

Dr. Victor Frankl, the founder of Logotherapy has written some of basic instinct about the four types of jobs that you can do,.

The first of these jobs are hard to learn and hard to do, who has no natural skill in that area. It would be hard to learn, and no matter how many years you did it, it would be hard to do.

The second type of job was a job that was hard to learn but easy to do. This may be a skill like typing with a keyboard or flying an airplane. Ittakes tremendous dedication and concentration to learn, but once you havemastered it, it is quite easy to do, hour after hour

The third type of job you might find yourself in is a job that easy to learn but hard to do, Physical labor falls into this category.

The fourth job category, and the most important, are those things that you find easy to learn and easy to do, are thebest indicators of your natural talents and abilities

So let it be like you always wanted to be, Your choices and your dedication to achieve something you always wanted to be, create the best of your always.

Unsolicited questions (For me O on some places)


My first lesson in entrepreneurial journey , Always do ask for what you truly wants to achieve otherwise they will call you “Without focus” .

How much time you have spent on your goals ? If you didnt focus on, It may drastically finish you or you would be in middle of struck.

How many time you have said to yourself, Thats the way i will achieve, did you ask for the solution first or to collect the problem, Problem sounds me much better then the solution,

To manage the team before , did you ever think about whats the meaning for leadership, for me most convenient way is to find & follow the best team member.

Its better to change perception then attitude, e.g, this is so tuff because of my client doesn’t give me actual values, perception says, that could be hard to deal and the attitude always favors the perception.  Better to find the attitude to say “Yes” attitude will comes together.

To follow the role model, This is somewhat to copy someone you think, he\she is my role model, My approach to keep it the frame with yourself, when the “0” thoughts comes, think about if this person would be on my place, what will he\she do, that will give you an answer to make it better judgement

Connecting to the dots


That’s the beauty of life, when you find your way for dots and connect them one by one, if it is to make it connect for backward or the forwards.  Believing on the dots gives you the confidence to lead you for the next step.

To act on the things earlier in your life, if its about what you wanted to be, is somewhere the finest task ever in this universe. The company who makes the devices like Ipod, iphone(Vision of apple in media industry) or the company from the automobile(vision of rapid change cars of fords) or to serve & product the coffees(Starbucks) or the company with its core-values(Zappos). There all existence is about to connecting those dots which is going to shape the future.

If i would say the five reason why should not let your dream goes away because on someday,

  • No regret on the day when you are about to die.
  • More happier then you ever wanted to be
  • Always note in your dairy, here’s the day i wanted to live today
  • Time is limited, and you find the beauty of living everyday and what you truly wants to become.
  • To salute on the possibilities of your vision, like everything is possible.


Waiting insanely for every morning


Your self-concept is your self-image, You believe it or not, Imagine it or not, create it or not, All you set your self image with your self concept , the way you see yourself on the inside largely determines how you perform on the outside.

The next morning, whats the plan, what should i do, what should i make well enough, all creates from within.

One Morning, but lots of ways to look out,

Street child initiates his first step to get one meal before the noon.

Businessman with his white collar’s meeting.

Student for his morning class.

And the leaders with his motivation

Saint in the temple or preacher in the church

All have some set of plan, One more day for them to create something valuable, but how many of us makes that incredible journey of success.

May be or Not


I was just collecting some of quotes on this topic  “Contradictory answers”  and it has given me some of valuation of the result, and the points of facts comes with some of lines like

I could have it or not,

I would have it or not,

That might be my car if i have thought to buy before.

I am not still sure, i could have this achievements

I may reach on top of mountain, but i was slugged,

My point of concern are more towards the way i accept things, Am i looking myself in the same mirror where the other have saw and created the differences.

Locus of Control Theory


Some interesting article from Brian Tracy, you guys must like it.

Psychologists differentiate between an internal locus of control and an external locus of control.Your locus of control is where you feel the control exists in each area of your life. This location determines your happiness or unhappiness more than any other factor.

For example, if you feel that you are the primary creative force in your own life,that you make your own decisions, and that everything that happens to you is a result of yourself and your own behaviors, you have a solid internal locus of control. As a result, you will feel strong, confident and happy. You will think with greater clarity and perform at higher levels than the average person.

Buzzing like a bee


You are what you‘re attracted to….

Isn’t it so beautiful when the morning start with listening of your favorite song, coffee in your hand, the first light of sun, you would feel glimpse, you would like to speak to whom you like always to do, and you plan for the day with some list of task, all day happy-happy, no such lousy feeling but for sure charming by this shivering climate.

Why not ! its always there, wake up 1 hour before you plan for the day . you must be find your bed again but on some instant you would have the better feeling, you could imagine the first morning wish before one hour. Some of things which you could do in this early hours are, read what you always wanted to be, Music, which helps you to wound for the day and daydreaming which you always wish to do. think for the best of memories, you  can go for run or could plan for this upcoming hours, ….there are lots of things pending in your list to work for, and what are you waiting for ??

Obscure result


Have you noted some of places where you have worked and till the last point you didnt have the exact result.

Result of thousands counting and the small number differences, its in point and negotiable to judge it. you are finding the place to point, but all the place you are getting the exact result, so in all place there is a place of investigation, the exact series of testing,

1. pick the first point of check pint

2. manage the middle digit, where do you want to compare the result

3. Final dead point, map it numerous check point.

For Ex: Sets of task to make the ladders in the queue, all the ladders are in the minor size difference, you must have to choose the exact match, and there is ambiguity, you will choose two ladder and and find the second sets of ladder , after the final links, you will map it, now you must be confuse because in all set result of minor difference ladder will be more !

Talent doesn’t like cages


This is what i think as ,

Talent doesn’t like cages , they must have purposes and thats the thing which guides for the action oriented approaches. let it be more creative and more productive enough, which could help you to find the meaning of your necessities.

Year ago, i was writing some codes for my employer’s product, i was used to with such preliminary check list, my all side of focus was just to implement as it is given by them, i didn’t even think about more towards the creativity, more effectual process. and after on some points, my lead called me and asked a very small thing, i didn’t have an answer to say it, because i have followed checklist that was only guiding me towards the solution, not in between if the problem comes, how should i react, My creativity was null, and the productivty was excellent, that i have known , its not some certain boundries which guides you to rise, more often its about outside the box, where you can use more then you imagine.

My free falls


Everyone’s have some certain free falls, Like the light one or the hardest one, Few of have the imagination to measure it.

My free falls were,

First time fell down from the bicycle, Inside water swimming and lost to balance my breath, went for Indian idol and the judge sent me back in 10 second to listen my song, Just left to secured my first division in 12th standard from few of percentage, bought a guitar but didn’t play  one whole song on it, when she said goodbye, i was not able to said the same, First time taquilla shot and the hang over on the sudden moment., Lost the confidence first time given presentation to my client, first time tasted to lost my best friend.

And so many of , i didn’t give them the names and the proper acronym, but still it seems to me like ever last beginning. and i am in all state with as much as happiest i could live. most mean to me more then my imagination, a new learning, a new purpose..

Worthy question


Some of these question helps me to take purposeful action.

why do i want to do this ?

why was i put here ?

what do i want my life to stand for ?

what i want to accomplish ?

what do i want to be this kind of person ?

and some of more which helps me to make something valuable . there are few differences in vision and ultimate vision and there is small difference in it, that vision could be achieve by burning desire and desire is something put the value when the action drives for the success and that will happen when your body is in your control. you stick  on it. and freeze your fear, you find the ultimate reason behind your every single task.


Being different for few


Where there is no vision, The people perish…. Proverb 29:18

How many of us wants to create something which other couldn’t think about ? how many of us have the feeling to make certain changes in our daily life. How many of us wants to create a great relationship with family, spouse , friends. I think everyone wants to create such pragmatic changes, but few for us follow.

somebody have given the actual observation and he said, 80% psychology and 20% is mechanics.

This is somewhat our system works,The mechanics of how to manage your time are really 20% of what it takes to get the result you want. 80% of your result in life, however are directly affects to your psychology.

And we people makes, always to think about past, become poorer , and feel about the lost, how could be so sound to being different.

All for performance


Your success admires you when you wish for them to achieve.

Finale of my work says more about the time which i have invested on my project, my execution and most prolific thing is to test them. and i am well prepared before to say something of my last day of work. If the deadlines are going to call me , i have called this word as many of time : CANI ( Constant and Never Ending Improvement), Its about to set the graph which flow ups and downs but on performance it always goes constant, you could compromise with less production but not the less qualities, Your product’s value matters more about the stock of your company.




Debater and his meeting with god


Debater, Someone who engage in debate, They use to speak in front of other, They express their facts(if its right or wrong) but like to share up in front of mob. They use to share until the other like, And their meeting with god is about to speak himself, hours of hours of practice and then to speak.

Some beautiful lines from the movie : The great debater

Who is the JUDGE?

The judge is God.
Why is he GOD?
Because he decides who wins or loses, not my opponent.
Who is your OPPONENT?
He does not exist.
Why doesn’t he EXIST?
Because he is a mere dissenting voice of the TRUTH I speak.

My last day experience was somewhat the same , I have invited by one of my client to give presentation, and i oftentimes like when i use to get an opportunity to speak with, and 2 minute taught me a big lesson, when the head of a company has given his presentation like a guy in the debate, and his point of concerns was me. (Reviewed my all time work with them)

Loyalty is virtuous


Loyalty is virtuous, but cowardice is not.

We are what we choose to do, Saint in his meditation or the man in his business meeting, sportsman in his field or the model in fashion show, All of them are loyal with their work, living, family. All for those life means to live but when they are wrong they must be blame on other or to hide in front of other. Less people dare to meet the truth.


Open doors


Let me share some of those cases when you must be open your doors for the new beginning or the add-up in the existing process, or to start from the last to first. some cases would be:

  • Your business project is on higher budget, your peers are in opposition of new delivery model, how would you set your mind to make it happen?, what would be the point of concern in reference of your first beginning on that project?
  • Adding the new clients in your clientele or the serving the existing one in much efficient way, ( would be good if it s the exiting one first then new one)
  • Associates bidirectional-ism, You want to go on east side, your team says, change the direction for west, what would be the right side of direction
  • Competitive analysis of your services,  If 10 comptitiors are using the traditional model of service, would you be interested to follow the same one or will make a new annotation. and search the new door.

All in those cases ,you must be travel for new open doors, where the new opportunity always surround you and the productivity always scale up.

Mask for Master


The master always wears the mask when others are greedy but not curious.

I was hiding my last month proactive result, but on extend that was leaked by some other sources, i was shocked because the results were uncertain and the feared about the source who have shared that.

Mask for master is something beyond the face of one side actual reality but other side the hiding generousness , In business oftentimes the confidential stuff gets share not because of someone from the company have privileged to knows such secrets, but they are in long term horses, boss have the real trust on them, and boss usually ignore because  they have such assumption like they knows their associates more then themselves. So to keep mask on some extend and retain your privacy to open it, Now a days businesses are competitive, your small mistake may give you more trouble which you have ever imagined, so your goals are to become united, secretive, imaginative and get the profit from each of your associate in full waves and revert back it in nice wages.

Your work as a craft


Your work as a craft says, you must be having skills in your work,which calls towards the skilled worker, appreciation and the compliments for the sake of your praise. you are loving it and the other likes as well.

Did you think in that way, when the most recognition goes to your side, more wishes of people, cheers of your friends because you have created such a remarkable outcomes, you must be having gifted talent, because of since childhood, you are mentally tuff, focused, and there is no reason to become  rebellious.  So to keep such burning desire to meet such standard to live your life with much focus and with more happiness.

Taste of your recipe


What will be your recipe to make something signified , Zillions of ways could be find but the final touch sometime gives more value in our project.

E.g  Drafting, The finest presentation to attract n number of prospect. It could be complete by hand-written letter or by formatted text email. But the regards always makes a different impression & that is about to meet such basic standard.

Inter-personal Skills, Basically occur among or involving several people, but if its about the web-cast and thousands of people listen you in one silent convention hall, but the web-caster, if introduce to the chief’ as the way the other listen welcome..

There must be plenty of way to provoke your work, efforts, but some taste of recipes are unique one !!

Small wishes, Many senses


When you were a child, you were the source of dreams,  wishes, your most scary dreams, or the story of superman, or a flyer, and the stars and the fighting with friends, you have always thought, you will fly in the sky, your own helicopter, you wanted to be a policeman, or somebody have thought i wanted to be a superman, Small wishes, but on some point gives us the big credit.

You love to do what you really wants to be, and the life says the same, you have attempted the harder and harder and stilling trying grab your own island, because your small wishes have created there own paradise, you are in it, you belongs to them, you live it, you meet every person as your long last friendship. you ran like a speed of sound , you played like the only sport star in the ground, you sung like the only singer, your small irritation, and the love for others.

And somebody have said the same , Your wishes becomes your reality, if you love them, hug them, meet them.


The Ultimate spreader


The person who become so closer, who seems to you more likely , loving, hearty and you like to spend your rest of life, From where those emotions comes ? Nothing left us alone, and nothing mean to stop you take a breath of your choice. Your decision creates your destiny, and you obey of it.

But the person who is in you, sometime comes from somewhere, which you couldn’t recognize it, you even wouldn’t be think to imagine, you simply smile and remember such marvelous moments of yours. your voice guides you whatever you say, you listen the sound and imagine the beauty of nature. Thats something from within. We think, life is treating us, but it is not the life which should be for us, but we should create such moments to make this journey as beautiful. when you give yourself for something which destine your path. when you become the source of love, source of rejoice , source of success, each single things seems to you like a creation of god and the god have some meaning of it.  And then you become the ultimate spreader.

Few seconds


The first time you will realize, Once you have few seconds and you must have to turn up your race faster then before, What would you certainly do ?

  • Somehow you will choose the shortcut to complete the race.
  • you will count your time according to your miles.
  • you must be meet to the last time runner or winner , who have completed the exact race.
  • you must be ask to someone who knows much better, or some of blah blah…

but what if the pistol trigger is going to be push, and the race has started , where would be your exact point of concern , if it is to see the next runner or you see the idle state of yours, no voice , no sound, no dream, no public crowd, just an empty head and the last heard sound of pistol trigger. And in the sudden, light will guide your way, you fly in your emotions because those few seconds has given you one moment to live. you must have to forget all regret. and find your original soul !!

The Art of fulfillment



I was reading last night about What really makes us more productive when we have lots of work and minimum duration of time ?  What is the urgent or what is not ? What are the important one but not an urgent  ? Well this is what i use to call the art of fulfillment.

This is something where people think for a while, they use to get all the benifits of what they accomplish. Fulfillment says, If i have something important that i know, and if i get immense level of efforts to achieve that, i will do it, until it recalls me as an urgent or not.  Your emotional side of life should always gives you the training of new beginning and make it point to chase new success. your conscious mind always accept the new thought but to digest them and always in the positive side of memory comes from Sub-conscious side.

My last day investigation on my to-do list, I was obfuscated with lots of things to do before the sun set, and what i have got to know, i was engaged in one or two prior work, thats because of my nature of work, my true feelings about what is important or what is urgent ?

So the Art of fulfillment says more towards your those tiny but continual , consistent efforts which push you more about your focus and the decision which guides you the better path.



Standardizing is basically a terms by which something can be judged. Its not just taking one’s best selling article and concentrating on it. It is planning day and night and probably for years. There must be a following norms to calculate the standard of your task.

Last few days , i was juggling with such kind of operation where i was implementing the service standard, and finding the exact place where i could have new approaches, and instantly i have got to know, there were lots of place where we have learnt from failure. our initiatives were good, but on some place, they were not optimized, then i have started to give some free-less timing where i have certainty to observe new result, our results were spectacular. there must be a trick to sell yourself, when you have certain target.

If A project destine for some certain result B, A must have additional value system where you can path for the increment, and slowly – slowly convert those things in result, After few days, you will have terrific result in your work.



“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

Very specific, but diluted with such concepts which guide us not to be worthless, Mediocrity is in such kind of place which stop us with limit and to be in certain boundaries, What really help us to come out without mediocre is the purpose and the certain target to unleash with result. what metaphors you use to implement, what outcomes you suppose to look out, If you have an answer of such question, you must be raise higher and as soon you change your way of thinking , result must concrete and you will be above then mediocrity.

Five worker complete the task with certain hours but with certain purpose and the outcome(What they really want after the completion of task), they could judge before, they could overlap the mediocrity and earn better result as a financial side also with certain level of happiness.

*“”Mediocrity” doesn’t mean average intelligence, it means an average intelligence that resents and envies its betters”

Resolution 2011


Whats special this year? Hopefully, One more decade is going to start from 2011 and going to be end on 2020,  I didn’t remember, how many of things i have still followed since i have written my last year resolution, So this year resolution is to think and work on my resolutions , To follow them pragmatically, that’s something a big O. but whats the matter, if something which you list out, and certainly try to do certain things.

Something which i will note today, its my 300th Blog, somewhat i am passionately giving some short of time on my blogging.  Its being good to share some of thoughts which comes in my 1 gallon head. So this year going to add some more 365 blogs. One blog per day(New Resolution), as i was not committed in my last resolution for this, this season, i will be in it.

Each year, something going to be happen, new product will launch, new books is going to be write , creative idea, Innovation, new startups will be open and some of will be close, Same education with new graduates, your boss will give you go ahead for your ideas, you will be freely work, and to take some initiates , new opportunities and so many more.

So in the same plan, i have setup my resolution, there must be something i am going to cover for sure, this time bit serious , and hopefully will do something better.

  • Write a book (Self Help) & Publish my poetry book
  • Trip in Hot balloon
  • Read new books
    • NLP Technique – Shlomo Vaknin
    • NLP Mindlines – Micheal Hall
    • My life and work – Henry Ford
    • Mark Twain – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    • The Spirit Of NLP – Micheal Hall
    • Eat the frog – Brain Tracy
    • Awaken the giant within – Anthony Robbines
    • Time of your life – Anthony Robbines ( Read)
    • Millon Dollar habit – Brain Tracy
    • John Wiley & Sons – The 7 Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth – 2005
    • The Warren Buffet Way
    • Maximum Achivement – Brain Tracy
    • How to win friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie
    • Harry Lorayne – Super Power Memory
    • Tao to ching – Lao-tzu
    • Non Verbal Communication – Dr. Gabriel and Nili Raam
    • Read HR Glossary(900 Patterns) – Adnan
    • Master key System – Charles Haanel
    • Arlinski – Infinite Knowladge – Consscious Concept Wisdom
    • Law of Success – Napolian Hills
    • Money Mastery (10 Principle that will change your Life Forver) – Alan Williams
    • Autobiography of Bejnamin Franklin (On process)
  • Reach to 1 Million $ Revenue of my business ( On process)
  • Foreign Trip
  • 10 Motivational Presentations in collages
  • Write 365 Blogs)  ( On process)
  • Reach to 200th Clients including start-up, mid-cap & fortune 500 clients ( On process reached about 50 + client)
  • Become NLP Practitioner.
  • Contribute & Donate large amount of money to my NGO (aadhavtrust)
  • Trip of Leh( Spiritual vision) –( First week of September)
  • Attend 20 Outstanding Events Including Tony Robbines, Brian Tracy, Dr. Dier(Motivational, Spiritual, Meditative, Scientific)
  • Join Golf club
  • Meet 10 Great Personality
  • Wake up at 6 am and go for a run\gym( On process)

Certainly  life is small, less chances to stay in your time and more time to spare the time without certain reason, If it is all about to setup the goals and to implement, you must love it to do, So I wish this year will be great and more enjoyable to stay happy and to follow something smashing and lovable.

Rule the world


Isn’t it a self expression when the life treats you with “Rule the world” and if its more then self-quotation and winning certain things in short of span, the life rewards you,  but it doesn’t make it happen in short way with few opportunist what would you call it again ?

I used to rule the world
Seas would rise when I gave the word
Now in the morning I sleep alone
Sweep the streets I used to own
From coldplay – Viva la vida

What have i truly imagined or What Have I done to deserve such things , Mean to say more often to find those traits which you wish to follow, and for some reason, you could explain with less in more or you could find your journey or reach to some of nasty place, Even and after life guides you and you find the way, “Rule the world” more about to express your self , not to be in favor of some egoistical approaches but the pride to become something.

Realist or Optimist


There is a straight line in between realist and optimist and that is about to be self-fulfilling. Man who merely think for the actual result but follow the sheer persistence, somewhere stands on the right place. If this is about to find that love which you forget to keep continue or sake of fear you stop to work, this could be a kind of turbulences.

Being emotional is one the finest way to awake your subconscious mind, and your conscious mind command and the subconscious mind admit. Realist, who smell the beauty of reality when he initiates the action as it seem him to be real and optimist, just one place after to follow his heart. and see worst in best, So and after both are on filling the gaps.

Trip to AOL(Art of Living)


What would you call first, the imagination or the reality. If both of works at a time, you must find the proper sight, My journey of spirituality, or the religion of self, must be the practical participation of my soul,  and in the place of myth and the existence sometime stop you to think for a while, you overwhelm or stress the same thoughts, but on some place there is a hidden source of power exist. somewhere on the same i felt today, when i touched the feet of the person who is not only the source of awaken soul but the source spirtiual journey, you could find the source but the desitnation is somewhere still an empty side,

Sri Sri Ravi shankar is in those few names who is the source of happiness and peace, my few minutes with him, and the time when i have shared some of my words, is in those few moments which is unforgettable,  somewhat given me a flow of energy and the existence of my soul, Spirituality, you must call to go in the deep side and get to know about self, but in other words says a lot about to call your self, with I am nothing but just more then anything which i create.

War against Ideas


There are thousands of ways to stop which you doesn’t like to work for and one single way to make it happen. If anything comes in mind that might be from first time thinking or by the words from someone. But how soon it change in revolution, thats the only question, If its about to copy the same art which had invented by Picasso or the same product line of apple which change the entire industry of music , if its niche or the prominent, if its for the long experience or by the short term success, We treats the thing as it looks but the real fun comes when you smell the taste of new ideas.

One manufacturer prepare the product in 30days and once he sells to trader, he share the percentage of profits but the trader with his sales vision makes the 3 times more profit, one by three, he shares with manufacturer, if the ideas are someone’s monopoly then that couldn’t be possible. The major controversies creates because of ideas, and everyone is here to make their own ideas and methodologies, so in middle of this all, but whats your idea to make it happen ??

Image for Imagination


Three students and submitting their final art, One of said, wow my drawing is something so fabulous because of i have given more time on coloring , the other one who sat next to second one , my drawing is useful its having some meaning and third one said, thats doesn’t matter, because of i have my imagination as i have some few sketches, and at the last what’s the actual perception of a man who is going to final one in out of three student’s art.


He may feel the best drawing or he might like the color or he might likes the sketches, But in all those one thing which stands with, Imagination, something which comes from thinking, it could be the third one or the second one or the first one, all must have some set of imagination. and the contribution for the right essence.